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Opus file not playing

Postby Edwin Sishwell » Mon Aug 02, 2021 9:41 am

Previously reported here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=66047&p=1120777

At the time of the original report, Opus support was not included in GZDoom. At this point, it is advertised to exist, but this file (and all other Opus files I've tried) still fails to play.
Tested with gzdoom-x64-g4.7.0pre-91-gf89e6950c, dated Jul 29 2021
Edwin Sishwell

Re: Opus file not playing

Postby _mental_ » Tue Aug 03, 2021 12:37 am

Development builds contain old version of libsndfile-1.dll that has no Opus support. Stable versions of GZDoom use newer DLL which handles the linked file without a problem.
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Re: Opus file not playing

Postby Edwin Sishwell » Tue Aug 03, 2021 1:18 am

Ah, that explains everything. Thank you so much.
Edwin Sishwell

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