[Duplicate] [4.7pre59+] A_SeekerMissile issue[s?] w/ "Fire And Forget"

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[4.7pre59+] A_SeekerMissile issue[s?] w/ "Fire And Forget"

Postby Lord Misfit » Fri Jul 16, 2021 4:50 pm

So doing testing with my mod recently, I realized suddenly earlier today that a bunch of projectile attacks I coded long ago with a sort of "fire and forget" seeking ability, were barely, if at ALL working anymore when seeking at least hostile monsters. I noticed this seemed to start with 4.7pre59, which seems to be during a series of MBF-flag additions and all. Testing this with 4.7pre51, my projectiles of this type seemed to work about as I originally planned for them to, and would immediately start trying to seek towards those hostile monsters, while from pre59 up to the current SVN [4.7pre77 as of the time of this post], it stopped working. I've noticed one of the changes made with these MBF changes was an "fov" checker for the "P_RoughMonsterSearch" function in https://github.com/coelckers/gzdoom/com ... eccb6e1175 , but I noticed A_SeekerMissile doesn't have anything to input that FOV to the P_RoughMonsterSearch command, but this is just me making a guess on what the issue might be. You'll most likely know or figure out the actual issue, whatever it is.

I've made a test map and the code I use, to alter the plasma rifle's shots to act similar to one of the main projectile types I used when I noticed this issue. The shots are slower, weaker, bounce a lot and have a fuse, similar to the HolySpirit actors in Hexen, and can even rip through targets for weak but constant damage. But if you test this with pre51 and then pre59+ with the shots, whether you just fire straight ahead of you without looking at the enemies, or if you do specifically target the enemies, the behavior of the plasma balls' and their seeking should show like night and day [I hope]. I just want to know if the change was intentional, an oversight, and if it's intentional, a way I can get the shots back to working how they are in pre51 and earlier. V:

Thank you. If the file messes up on you, let me know so I can get it replaced. o.o;
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