[Fixed] "Broken" save break map CCMD [4.4.2]

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"Broken" save break map CCMD [4.4.2]

Postby Apeirogon » Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:51 am

Trying to loading a save file created on "old" map version using "new" map version break all attempts to jump to it using "map mapname" CCMD.

Download archive and extract it. Move save file from "save" folder to Gzdoom save folder and drop "save_map_bug" on Gzdoom executable.
Start Gzdoom. Right at the main menu open console and type "map map001". Gzdoom will load mentioned map.

Now try load save file. Gzdoom would abort loading with error "Savegame is from a different level". Which is expected, since I have changed slope of the ceiling in some sectors.
Now type in console "map map001" again. Gzdoom would throw same error, "Savegame is from a different level". It would continue happens on all further change map attempts.
Only full Gzdoom restart would fix it.

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Re: "Broken" save break map CCMD [4.4.2]

Postby _mental_ » Sat Oct 10, 2020 4:06 am

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