[Fixed] [GZ 4.1.3] SIGIL UMAPINFO thinks every E5 map is E5M9

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[GZ 4.1.3] SIGIL UMAPINFO thinks every E5 map is E5M9

Postby Shadow Hog » Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:19 pm

Exactly what it says on the tin. The UMAPINFO I whipped up to illustrate the format back on Doomworld works fine with PrBoom+/UMAPINFO, but in GZDoom 4.1.3, while you're correctly taken to E5M1 upon selecting the "SIGIL" episode on the map listing, the music is from E5M9, the map title is from E5M9, completing the map displays the end-of-episode text screen for some reason, and you are taken to E5M7 - just as if you'd cleared E5M9. E5M7 exhibits the same problems - music and map name are E5M9's, text screen shows up on map clear, next map is... E5M7 again. I attempted to warp to E5M2 to see just how true this holds for every Episode 5 map defined in the UMAPINFO lump but GZDoom immediately crashed when accessing it (which I just reproduced while writing this thread, just to be sure that it is reproducible).

Here is a ZIP file containing three WADs. The only one relevant to this report is SIGIL_UMAPINFO_full.wad, which is a copy of John Romero's SIGIL v1.1 with the ZMAPINFO and MAPINFO lumps removed, and a UMAPINFO lump put in. Use The Ultimate Doom for the IWAD. There does not appear to be any error with the four traditional Ultimate Doom episodes, only the new one for SIGIL.
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Re: [GZ 4.1.3] SIGIL UMAPINFO thinks every E5 map is E5M9

Postby _mental_ » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:11 am

Fixed in 1f61b9d.
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