[Fixed] [GZ 4.1.3] UMAPINFO-defined episodes don't show skill select

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[GZ 4.1.3] UMAPINFO-defined episodes don't show skill select

Postby Shadow Hog » Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:31 pm

When UMAPINFO defines a new episode, selecting it on the episode selection screen will immediately dump you to the starting map of that episode, without any prompt for what difficulty you wish to play the skill at; apparently it defaults to "Hurt Me Plenty". In the case of an IWAD that already defines episodes (e.g.: using a UMAPINFO for SIGIL with The Ultimate Doom, in my case by making a modified copy that removes the ZMAPINFO and MAPINFO lumps so UMAPINFO is prioritized instead), the predefined episodes still work as expected; only newly-defined episodes exhibit the bug.

Here is a ZIP file containing three WADs. Specifically:
  • UMAPINFOBugExample.wad: The base WAD for UMAPINFO mod I am making, stripped down to the barest essentials for illustrating some tickets. Use Doom II for the IWAD.
  • UMAPINFOBugExampleAddon_EpisodeEqualsClear.wad: A small WAD containing a copy of the above WAD's UMAPINFO, but with "episode = clear" before any new episode definitions. It is not especially relevant to this ticket, but is relevant to other ones. If you wish to use it, load it after "UMAPINFOBugExample.wad" in the load order.
  • SIGIL_UMAPINFO_full.wad: A copy of John Romero's SIGIL v1.1 with the ZMAPINFO and MAPINFO lumps removed, and a UMAPINFO lump put in. Use The Ultimate Doom for the IWAD. This will illustrate that IWAD-defined episodes do not exhibit this bug, only new ones.
Shadow Hog
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Re: [GZ 4.1.3] UMAPINFO-defined episodes don't show skill se

Postby _mental_ » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:49 am

Fixed in ceacda6.
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