[~March 13?] drawmugshot ignores specification

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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: [~March 13?] drawmugshot ignores specification

Post by Graf Zahl »

Well, since nobody bothered to even comment on this, I decided to address the problem myself.
Added a new flag for the 'drawmugshot' command, named "custom". If this is specified, the skin's mugshot is ignored and the one given in the command always used.
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Re: [~March 13?] drawmugshot ignores specification

Post by Blzut3 »

Which is pretty much what I suggested. :P
Blzut3 wrote:My natural inclination at the moment is to just outright ignore that parameter and add a new one that is specifically for forcing a prefix, but I could use more opinions there.
Probably would have went with the syntax of custom("XYZ") myself, print a warning with the old syntax that was previously deprecated, but this works fine too.

Edit: Previous wording of that sentence overstated some stuff.
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Re: [~March 13?] drawmugshot ignores specification

Post by Matt »

Works like a charm, thanks!

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