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Massmouth 1 bug

Post by HotWax »

Third mission (the one with the %!@#% annoying bats), while fighting bats I was dumped to console with the error message:

P_SwitchAttackDir called with no target.

or something like that....
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Post by Mighty Duck X-treme »


Massmouth 1 might be quite too old for the current version of ZDoom

*EDIT: Scratch that, Cyb says it all*
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Post by Cyb »

the original one was created a while ago for zdoom 1.17, but it works with 1.22, however I released a newer version (I actually updated it again a couple days ago) that works fully in 2.0: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=11738
(btw the bats are a lot easier in this version)
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Post by Xaser »

I got the exact same error HotWax did. However, I loaded the game and it worked fine. Those bats are the main reason why I *HATE* That Level.
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Post by randi »

So it doesn't sound like a ZDoom bug, then.

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