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I dont know what to call this bug... "mapinfo bug"

Postby Bio Hazard » Tue Jan 06, 2004 11:54 pm

if i remove the sky line out of the mapinfo, zdoom crashes.

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map MAP01 "Immersion Factor"
music NONE
next Map02
Cluster 1

map MAP02 "Immersion Factor"
music NONE
sky1 sky1 0.0                <----- cant remove this line
next endgamea
Cluster 1

clusterdef 1
flat water
music NONE
"End of game"
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Postby Kate » Wed Jan 07, 2004 12:11 am

You can't remove that line because it tells ZDoom what sky to use. If you remove the line, zdoom won't know what sky you want to display.
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Postby sirjuddington » Wed Jan 07, 2004 12:31 am

Hmm, but notice he doesn't have a sky set for MAP01?
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Postby HotWax » Wed Jan 07, 2004 2:42 am

If he has no sectors that use F_SKY1 on the floor or ceiling in MAP01, he might be able to get away without a defined sky. On the other hand, if he uses that flat in MAP02 even if it's not visible from the start of the map it still may crash ZDoom. (The sky might get rendered if the sector containing it is visible to the BSP tree, even if it gets hidden by a closer structure later in the render)
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Postby Cyb » Wed Jan 07, 2004 3:09 am

actually if I remember right not defining a sky in the MAPINFO should be optional, if none is defined then it should just use the default sky in Doom's case, though it would certainly make sense to require one, shrug. Here's my stack dump when I used the following mapinfo:

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map MAP01 "Immersion Factor"
next endgamea
cluster 1

clusterdef 1
flat water
music NONE
"End of game"

Code: Select allExpand view
Flags: 00000000
Address: 004ddefe

Windows NT 5.0 Build 2195 Service Pack 4

GS=0000  FS=0038  ES=0023  DS=0023
EAX=00334dd2  EBX=00640000  ECX=00a68388  EDX=00000000
ESI=00000000  EDI=05e8fe70
EBP=00002155  EIP=004ddefe  ESP=0012dc14  CS=001b  SS=0023
 CF- PF+ AF+ ZF+ SF- TF- IF+ DF- OF- NT- RF+ VM- AC- VI- VP-

FPU State:
 ControlWord=027f StatusWord=0320 TagWord=ffff


Running threads:
00000fb0 at 004ddefe*

Loaded modules:
00400000 - 0062cfff *zdoom.exe
77f80000 - 77ffafff  ntdll.dll
71710000 - 71793fff  COMCTL32.dll
77f40000 - 77f78fff  GDI32.dll
7c570000 - 7c622fff  KERNEL32.dll
77e10000 - 77e6efff  USER32.dll
7c2d0000 - 7c331fff  ADVAPI32.dll
77d30000 - 77d9dfff  RPCRT4.DLL
75050000 - 75057fff  WSOCK32.dll
75030000 - 75043fff  WS2_32.DLL
78000000 - 78044fff  MSVCRT.DLL
75020000 - 75027fff  WS2HELP.DLL
77570000 - 7759ffff  WINMM.dll
10000000 - 10093fff  fmod.dll
77410000 - 77422fff  MSACM32.dll
77a50000 - 77b3bfff  ole32.dll
76b30000 - 76b6dfff  comdlg32.dll
70a70000 - 70ad4fff  SHLWAPI.DLL
782f0000 - 78537fff  SHELL32.DLL
1c000000 - 1c006fff  idlemon.dll
51080000 - 510d5fff  dsound.dll
77820000 - 77826fff  VERSION.dll
759b0000 - 759b5fff  LZ32.DLL
77560000 - 77567fff  wdmaud.drv
77400000 - 77407fff  msacm32.drv
5ef80000 - 5ef83fff  KsUser.dll
775a0000 - 77625fff  CLBCATQ.DLL
779b0000 - 77a4afff  OLEAUT32.dll
01ae0000 - 01b13fff  dinput8.dll
6f9a0000 - 6f9a7fff  HID.DLL
77880000 - 7790dfff  SETUPAPI.DLL
7c0f0000 - 7c150fff  USERENV.DLL
51000000 - 51046fff  ddraw.dll
728a0000 - 728a5fff  DCIMAN32.dll

Bytes near EIP:
004ddeee: b8 01 00 00 00 2b c2 0f af c5 03 c3 c1 e6 10 99
004ddefe: f7 fe 8b f2 85 f6 7d 1e 66 81 79 1a ff ff 8b d9
004ddf0e: 75 0b 8b 11 ff 52 18 8b 0d 2c cc 60 00 0f b7 43

ZDoom version 2.0.60

Command line:
 C:\doom\zdoom\zdoom.exe -file levels\minfotest.wad -warp 01 -skill 4
IWAD: doom2.wad

Current map: MAP01

viewx = -6291456
viewy = 51380224
viewz = 6356992
viewangle = 1765736448

Possible call trace:
 004ddefe  BOOM
 004ff18b  call 00501aa7
 004096f3  call 00409660
 004096f3  call 00409660
 00409976  call 004096b0
 0040aec6  call [005f2b58]
 0040af8b  call 0040ae20
 0040af98  call 004fc8a6
 004fdaf6  call [esp+0x24]
 004fdba4  call 004fdad0
 00484c82  call 004fdb40
 00484d11  call 004fc8a6
 0048055d  call 0050cace
 00480598  call 00480540
 004805dd  call 004fc8a6
 0050ffff  call 004fc994
 00495187  call [0051d2dc]
 00495187  call [0051d2dc]
 00495187  call [0051d2dc]
 004951a5  call 004fc8a6
 00418f63  call 004fc8a6
 004fd286  call [0051d1bc]
 0041a0dd  call 00418af0
 0041a0e8  call 004fc8a6
 004fd28b  call 00501aa7
 004fd2a8  call 004fd21d
 004e18cd  call 0041a0a0
 004e2117  call 004e1250
 004e3aba  call 004dd320
 004d1eb9  call 004d06e0
 004d2565  call 004d1490
 00418f63  call 004fc8a6
 00418f63  call 004fc8a6
 0041a0dd  call 00418af0
 0041a0e8  call 004fc8a6
 004de3ea  call 004dde50
 004de5a4  call 004de210
 004df049  call 004de3f0
 004dccd8  call 004dee60
 004168c7  call 004dcab0
 0041751f  call 004166c0
 0042d4b7  call 00409a10
 0040afe3  call 0040af30
 0040afe3  call 0040af30
 00498981  call 0040afd0
 00498a83  call 004fc8a6
 00495b33  call 00417550
 00495e45  call 00495780
 004ffd5a  call 00495dd0
 004ffbee  call 004fd650

Stack Contents:
0012dc14: 00a68388 05e8fe70 00000000 ffffffff  ····p···········
0012dc24: 00000000 004ff18b 0177fe67 00002155  ······O·g·w·U!··
0012dc34: 00000000 00000019 004096f3 0059fae0  ··········@···Y·
0012dc44: 00b4af46 00b4af48 00000002 004096f3  F···H·········@·
0012dc54: 0059fb32 00b4af46 00b4af48 00000008  2·Y·F···H·······
0012dc64: 00000000 00409976 00b4af46 00000000  ····v·@·F·······
0012dc74: 0059fb32 0012dcac 00000002 00000006  2·Y·············
0012dc84: 00000000 00000002 00000000 00000002  ················
0012dc94: 00000037 0040aec6 00000000 00000002  7·····@·········
0012dca4: 0040af8b 0040af98 1e1e1d0a 1e1e1e1e  ··@···@·········
0012dcb4: 1e1e1e1e 1e1e1e1e 1e1e1e1e 1e1e1e1e  ················
0012dcc4: 1e1e1e1e 1e1e1e1e 1c0a1f1e 6d6d492b  ············+Imm
0012dcd4: 69737265 46206e6f 6f746361 000a0a72  ersion Factor···
0012dce4: 02000a2e 026cffff 026dffff 026effff  .·····l···m···n·
0012dcf4: 026fffff 0270ffff 0271ffff 0272ffff  ··o···p···q···r·
0012dd04: 0273ffff 0274ffff 0275ffff 0276ffff  ··s···t···u···v·
0012dd14: 0277ffff 0278ffff 0279ffff 027affff  ··w···x···y···z·
0012dd24: 027bffff 027cffff ffffffff 027effff  ··{···|·······~·
0012dd34: 027fffff 0280ffff 0281ffff 0282ffff  ···············
0012dd44: 0283ffff 0284ffff 0285ffff 0286ffff  ················
0012dd54: 0287ffff 0288ffff 0289ffff 028affff  ················
0012dd64: 028bffff 028cffff 028dffff 028effff  ················
0012dd74: 028fffff 0290ffff 0291ffff 0292ffff  ················
0012dd84: 0293ffff 0294ffff 0295ffff 0296ffff  ················
0012dd94: 0297ffff 0298ffff 029905b9 029a054c  ············L···
0012dda4: 029bffff 029cffff 029dffff 029effff  ················
0012ddb4: 029fffff 02a0ffff 02a1ffff 02a2030e  ················
0012ddc4: 02a3ffff 02a4ffff 02a5ffff ffffffff  ················
0012ddd4: 02a7ffff 02a8ffff 02a9ffff 02aaffff  ················
0012dde4: 02abffff 02acffff 02adffff 02aeffff  ················
0012ddf4: 02afffff 02b0ffff 02b10536 02b2ffff  ········6·······
0012de04: 02b3ffff 02b4ffff 02b5ffff 02b6ffff  ················
0012de14: 02b7ffff 02b8ffff 02b9ffff 02baffff  ················
0012de24: 02bbffff 02bcffff 02bdffff 02beffff  ················
0012de34: 02bfffff 02c0ffff 02c1ffff 02c2ffff  ················
0012de44: 02c3ffff 02c4ffff 02c5ffff 02c6ffff  ················
0012de54: 02c7ffff 02c8ffff 02c9ffff 02caffff  ················
0012de64: 02cbffff 02ccffff 02cdffff 02ce00e5  ················
0012de74: 02cfffff 02d0ffff 02d1ffff 02d2ffff  ················
0012de84: 02d3ffff 02d4ffff 02d5ffff 02d6ffff  ················
0012de94: ffffffff 02d8ffff 02d9ffff 02daffff  ················
0012dea4: 02dbffff 02dcffff 02ddffff 02deffff  ················
0012deb4: 02dfffff 02e0ffff 02e1ffff 02e2ffff  ················
0012dec4: 02e3ffff 02e4ffff 02e5ffff 02e6ffff  ················
0012ded4: 02e7ffff 02e8ffff 02e9ffff 02eaffff  ················
0012dee4: 02ebffff 02ecffff 02edffff 02eeffff  ················
0012def4: 02efffff 02f0ffff 02f1ffff 02f2ffff  ················
0012df04: 02f30530 02f40597 02f5ffff 02f6ffff  0···············
0012df14: 02f700d9 02f8ffff 02f9ffff 02faffff  ················
0012df24: 02fb00d5 02fcffff 02fdffff 02feffff  ················
0012df34: 02ffffff 0300ffff 0301ffff 0302ffff  ················
0012df44: 0303ffff 0304ffff 0305ffff 0306ffff  ················
0012df54: 0307ffff 0308ffff 0309ffff 030affff  ················
0012df64: 030bffff 030cffff 030dffff 00f1ffff  ················
0012df74: 030fffff 0310ffff 0311ffff 0312ffff  ················
0012df84: 0313ffff 0314ffff 0315ffff 0316ffff  ················
0012df94: 0317ffff 0318056e 0319ffff 031affff  ····n···········
0012dfa4: 031bffff 031cffff 031dffff 031effff  ················
0012dfb4: 031fffff 0320ffff 0321ffff 0322ffff  ······ ···!···"·
0012dfc4: 0323ffff 0324ffff 0325ffff 0326ffff  ··#···$···%···&·
0012dfd4: 0327ffff 0328ffff 0329ffff 032affff  ··'···(···)···*·
0012dfe4: 032bffff 032cffff 032dffff 032e00a8  ··+···,···-···.·
0012dff4: 032fffff 0330ffff 0331ffff 0332ffff  ··/···0···1···2·
0012e004: 0333ffff 0334ffff 0335ffff 0336ffff  ··3···4···5···6·
0012e014: 0337ffff 0338ffff 0339ffff 033affff  ··7···8···9···:·
0012e024: 033bffff 033cffff 033dffff 033effff  ··;···<···=···>·
0012e034: 033fffff 0340ffff 034103a1 0342ffff  ··?···@···A···B·
0012e044: 0343ffff 034405bf 0345ffff 0346ffff  ··C···D···E···F·
0012e054: 0347ffff 0348ffff 0349ffff 034affff  ··G···H···I···J·
0012e064: 034bffff 034cffff 034dffff 034effff  ··K···L···M···N·
0012e074: 034fffff 0350ffff 0351ffff 0352ffff  ··O···P···Q···R·
0012e084: 0353ffff 0354ffff 0355ffff 0356ffff  ··S···T···U···V·
0012e094: 0357ffff 03580587 0359ffff 035affff  ··W···X···Y···Z·
0012e0a4: ffffffff 035c057e 035dffff 035effff  ····~·\···]···^·
0012e0b4: 035fffff 0360ffff 0361ffff 0362ffff  ··_···`···a···b·
0012e0c4: 0363ffff 0364ffff 0365053d 0366ffff  ··c···d·=·e···f·
0012e0d4: 0367ffff 03680589 0369ffff 036affff  ··g···h···i···j·
0012e0e4: 036b0072 036cffff 036dffff 036effff  r·k···l···m···n·
0012e0f4: 036f058b 0370ffff 0371ffff 0372ffff  ··o···p···q···r·
0012e104: 0373ffff 0374ffff 0375ffff 0376ffff  ··s···t···u···v·
0012e114: 0377ffff 0378053f 0379ffff 037affff  ··w·?·x···y···z·
0012e124: 037bffff 037c0577 037d05b0 037effff  ··{·w·|···}···~·
0012e134: 037fffff 0380ffff 0381ffff 0382ffff  ···············
0012e144: 0383ffff 0384ffff 0385ffff 0386ffff  ················
0012e154: 0387ffff 0388ffff 03890570 038affff  ········p·······
0012e164: 038bffff 038cffff 038dffff 038effff  ················
0012e174: 038fffff 0390ffff 0391ffff 0392ffff  ················
0012e184: 0393ffff 0394ffff 03950591 ffffffff  ················
0012e194: 0397ffff 0398ffff 0399ffff 039affff  ················
0012e1a4: 039bffff 039cffff 039dffff 039e0541  ············A···
0012e1b4: 039fffff 03a0ffff ffffffff 03a2ffff  ················
0012e1c4: 03a3ffff 03a4ffff 03a5ffff 03a6ffff  ················
0012e1d4: 03a7ffff 03a8ffff 03a9ffff 03aaffff  ················
0012e1e4: 03abffff 03acffff 03adffff 03aeffff  ················
0012e1f4: 03afffff 03b0ffff 03b1ffff 03b2ffff  ················
0012e204: 03b3ffff 03b4ffff 03b5ffff 03b6ffff  ················
0012e214: 03b7ffff 03b8ffff 03b9ffff 03baffff  ················
0012e224: 03bbffff 03bcffff 03bdffff 03beffff  ················
0012e234: 03bfffff 03c0ffff 03c1ffff 03c2ffff  ················
0012e244: 03c3ffff 03c4ffff 03c5ffff 03c6ffff  ················
0012e254: 03c7ffff 03c8ffff 03c9ffff 03caffff  ················
0012e264: 03cbffff 03ccffff 03cdffff 03ceffff  ················
0012e274: 03cfffff 03d0ffff 03d1ffff 03d2ffff  ················
0012e284: 03d3ffff 03d4ffff 03d5ffff 03d6ffff  ················
0012e294: 03d7ffff 03d8ffff 03d9ffff 03daffff  ················
0012e2a4: 03dbffff 03dcffff 03ddffff 03deffff  ················
0012e2b4: 03dfffff ffffffff 03e1ffff 03e2ffff  ················
0012e2c4: 03e3ffff 03e4ffff 03e5ffff 03e6ffff  ················
0012e2d4: 03e7ffff 03e8ffff 03e9ffff ffffffff  ················
0012e2e4: 03ebffff 03ec0542 ffffffff 03eeffff  ····B···········
0012e2f4: 03efffff 03f0ffff 03f1ffff 03f2ffff  ················
0012e304: 03f3ffff 03f4ffff 03f5ffff 03f6ffff  ················
0012e314: 03f7ffff 03f8ffff 03f9ffff 03faffff  ················
0012e324: 03fbffff 03fcffff 03fd05b8 03feffff  ················
0012e334: 03ffffff 0400ffff 0401ffff 0402ffff  ················
0012e344: 0403ffff 0404ffff 0405ffff 0406ffff  ················
0012e354: 0407ffff 0408012b 0409ffff 040affff  ····+···········
0012e364: 040bffff 040cffff 040dffff 040effff  ················
0012e374: 040f05a0 0410ffff 0411ffff 0412ffff  ················
0012e384: 0413ffff 0414ffff 04150559 0416ffff  ········Y·······
0012e394: 0417ffff 0418ffff 0419ffff 041affff  ················
0012e3a4: 041bffff 041cffff 041dffff 041effff  ················
0012e3b4: 0070ffff 0420ffff 0421ffff 0422ffff  ··p··· ···!···"·
0012e3c4: 0423ffff 0424ffff 0425ffff 0426ffff  ··#···$···%···&·
0012e3d4: 0427ffff 0428ffff 0429ffff 042affff  ··'···(···)···*·
0012e3e4: 042bffff 042cffff 042dffff 042effff  ··+···,···-···.·
0012e3f4: 042fffff 0430ffff 0431ffff 0432ffff  ··/···0···1···2·
0012e404: 0433ffff 0434ffff 0435ffff 0436ffff  ··3···4···5···6·
0012e414: 0437ffff 0438ffff 0439ffff 043affff  ··7···8···9···:·
0012e424: 043bffff 043cffff 043dffff 043effff  ··;···<···=···>·
0012e434: 043fffff 0440ffff 0441ffff 0442ffff  ··?···@···A···B·
0012e444: 0443ffff 0444ffff 0445ffff 0446ffff  ··C···D···E···F·
0012e454: 0447ffff 0448ffff 0449ffff 044affff  ··G···H···I···J·
0012e464: 044bffff 044cffff 044dffff 044effff  ··K···L···M···N·
0012e474: 044fffff 0450ffff 0451ffff 0452ffff  ··O···P···Q···R·
0012e484: 0453ffff 0454ffff 0455ffff 0456ffff  ··S···T···U···V·
0012e494: 0457ffff 04580596 0459ffff 045affff  ··W···X···Y···Z·
0012e4a4: 045b00e0 045cffff 045dffff 045effff  ··[···\···]···^·
0012e4b4: 045fffff ffffffff 0461ffff 0462ffff  ··_·······a···b·
0012e4c4: 0463ffff 0464ffff 0465ffff 0466052d  ··c···d···e·-·f·
0012e4d4: 0467ffff 0468ffff 0469ffff 046affff  ··g···h···i···j·
0012e4e4: 046bffff 046cffff 046dffff 046effff  ··k···l···m···n·
0012e4f4: 046fffff 0470ffff 0471ffff 0472ffff  ··o···p···q···r·
0012e504: 0473ffff 0474ffff 0475ffff 0476ffff  ··s···t···u···v·
0012e514: 0477ffff 0478ffff 0479ffff 0012ebc8  ··w···x···y·····
0012e524: 004fdaf6 0012ebc8 0012ebc0 0012ebf8  ··O·············
0012e534: 0012ebc0 00000038 00000008 004fdba4  ····8·········O·
0012e544: 0012ebc0 00000008 00484220 00000108  ········ BH·····
0012e554: 00000009 00000000 00b52378 0012ebc0  ········x#······
0012e564: 0012ebf8 ffffffff 00000000 0012ebc0  ················
0012e574: 0012ec98 0012ed68 0012e808 0492ffff  ····h···········
0012e584: 0493ffff ffffffff 0495ffff 0496ffff  ················
0012e594: 0497ffff 0498ffff 0499ffff 049affff  ················
0012e5a4: 049bffff 049cffff 049dffff 049effff  ················
0012e5b4: 049f02d7 04a0ffff 04a1ffff 04a2ffff  ················
0012e5c4: 04a3ffff 04a4ffff 04a5ffff 04a6ffff  ················
0012e5d4: 04a7ffff 04a805be 04a9ffff 04aaffff  ················
0012e5e4: 04abffff 0012ebf8 0012ecc8 0012eda0  ················
0012e5f4: 0012e830 04b0ffff 04b1ffff 04b2ffff  0···············
0012e604: 04b3ffff 04b4ffff 04b5ffff 04b6ffff  ················
0012e614: 04b7ffff 04b8ffff 04b9ffff 04baffff  ················
0012e624: 04bbffff 04bcffff 04bdffff 04beffff  ················
0012e634: 04bfffff 04c0ffff 04c1ffff 04c2ffff  ················
0012e644: 04c3ffff 04c4ffff 04c503ea 04c6ffff  ················
0012e654: 04c7ffff 04c8ffff 04c9053b 00484c82  ········;····LH·
0012e664: 0012e688 00000108 00000008 00484220  ············ BH·
0012e674: 444e4549 0012f7d2 00b55a38 00484d11  IEND····8Z···MH·
0012e684: 005c7ba8 00000000 00b2f700 0000000b  ·{\·············
0012e694: 325ff600 00000017 0000f500 00000023  ··_2········#···
0012e6a4: 00b2f400 0000002f 00b2f300 0000003b  ····/·······;···
0012e6b4: 345ff200 00000047 00b2f100 00000053  ··_4G·······S···
0012e6c4: 00b2f000 00000053 395fcf00 0000006b  ····S·····_9k···
0012e6d4: 00b2ce00 00000083 00b2cd00 0000009b  ················
0012e6e4: 335fcc00 000000b3 0000cb00 000000cb  ··_3············
0012e6f4: 0000ca00 000000e3 00b2c900 000000ff  ················
0012e704: 00b2c800 00070707 04e30800 000b0b0b  ················
0012e714: 04e10700 000b1707 ffff7f00 000f1700  ···············
0012e724: 04eb0c00 00131313 04df0600 0013230b  ·············#··
0012e734: 05cf7e00 00170f07 04d70200 00171f07  ·~··············
0012e744: 04e90b00 0017330f ffff7d00 001b1b1b  ·····3···}······
0012e754: 04dd0500 001b1bff 0000c700 001f170b  ················
0012e764: 04d50100 001f4317 05cb7c00 00232323  ·····C···|··###·
0012e774: 05b16f00 00232b0f 04e70a00 00272727  ·o···+#·····'''·
0012e784: 05af6e00 0027531b 05c97b00 002b230f  ·n···S'··{···#+·
0012e794: 05714f00 002f1b0b 00b2ef00 002f2f2f  ·Oq···/·····///·
0012e7a4: 05ad6d00 002f371f 04e50900 002f6323  ·m···7/·····#c/·
0012e7b4: 05c77a00 00332b13 ffff4e00 00372313  ·z···+3··N···#7·
0012e7c4: 0000ee00 00373737 05ab6c00 003737ff  ····777··l···77·
0012e7d4: 00b2c600 00373f27 315f9f00 0037732b  ····'?7···_1+s7·
0012e7e4: 05c57900 003b3b3b 05a96b00 003f2b1b  ·y··;;;··k···+?·
0012e7f4: 04f10f00 003f2f17 056d4d00 003f472b  ·····/?··Mm·+G?·
0012e804: 00b29e00 003f832f 05c37800 00430000  ····/·?··x····C·
0012e814: ffff2f00 00430000 0000bf00 00432f1b  ·/····C······/C·
0012e824: 00b2ed00 0043331b 00459700 00434343  ·····3C···E·CCC·
0012e834: 05a76a00 00439337 05c17700 00470000  ·j··7·C··w····G·
0012e844: ffff2e00 00473323 04ef0e00 00474747  ·.··#3G·····GGG·
0012e854: 05a56900 00474f33 00b29d00 004b371b  ·i··3OG······7K·
0012e864: 056b4c00 004b4b4b 04d90300 004b9f3f  ·Lk·KKK·····?·K·
0012e874: ffff7600 004f0000 00b2be00 004f0000  ·v····O·······O·
0012e884: ffff2d00 004f3b23 00b29600 004f3b27  ·-··#;O·····';O·
0012e894: 00000302 004f3b27 355fec00 004f3b2b  ····';O···_5+;O·
0012e8a4: 04ed0d00 004f4f4f 05a36800 00530707  ····OOO··h····S·
0012e8b4: 052b2c00 00533f1f ffff4b00 00533f2f  ·,+··?S··K··/?S·
0012e8c4: 00008f00 005353ff 00b2c500 0053573b  ·····SS·····;WS·
0012e8d4: 00b29c00 0053af47 ffff7500 00574333  ····G·S··u··3CW·
0012e8e4: 00008e00 00575757 05a16700 005b0000  ····WWW··g····[·
0012e8f4: 0000bd00 005b0707 05292b00 005b472b  ······[··+)·+G[·
0012e904: 00b29500 005b5b5b 059f6600 005b6347  ····[[[··f··Gc[·
0012e914: 315f9b00 005bbf4f 05837400 005f0707  ··_1O·[··t····_·
0012e924: 05272a00 005f4323 05674a00 005f4b37  ·*'·#C_··Jg·7K_·
0012e934: 335f8d00 005fcf57 ffff7300 00636363  ··_3W·_··s··ccc·
0012e944: 059d6500 00670000 0000bc00 00670b0b  ·e····g·······g·
0012e954: ffff2900 00675333 00009400 0067533f  ·)··3Sg·····?Sg·
0012e964: 00b28c00 00676b4f 00009a00 0067df5f  ····Okg·····_·g·
0012e974: ffff7200 006b0f0f 05232800 006b4727  ·r····k··(#·'Gk·
0012e984: ffff4900 006b6b6b 059b6400 006f006b  ·I··kkk··d··k·o·
0012e994: 0000fe00 006f5743 395f8b00 006f6f6f  ····CWo···_9ooo·
0012e9a4: 05996300 006f7357 00009900 006fef67  ·c··Wso·····g·o·
0012e9b4: 05b57100 00730000 0000bb00 00731313  ·q····s·······s·
0012e9c4: 05212700 00732b00 00b20402 00732b00  ·'!··+s······+s·
0012e9d4: 00b2a700 007373ff 0000c400 00771717  ·····ss·······w·
0012e9e4: 051f2600 00774f2b 05634800 00775f3f  ·&··+Ow··Hc·?_w·
0012e9f4: 325f9300 00775f4b 00008a00 00777777  ··_2K_w·····www·
0012ea04: ffff6200 0077ff6f ffff7000 007b634f  ·b··o·w··p··Oc{·
0012ea14: 395f8900 007b7f63 00b29800 007f0000  ··_9c{········
0012ea24: 355fba00 007f1b1b 051d2500 007f532f  ··_5····%··/S·
0012ea34: ffff4700 007f7f7f ffff6100 00831f1f  ·G····a······
0012ea44: 051b2400 00836b4b 00b29200 00836b57  ·$··Kk······Wk··
0012ea54: 00008800 00838383 05936000 00872300  ·········`···#··
0012ea64: 00b2eb00 00874307 00b20902 00874307  ·····C·······C··
0012ea74: 345fa600 00875733 055f4600 008b0000  ··_43W···F_·····
0012ea84: 00b2b900 008b2323 05192300 008b735b  ····##···#··[s··
0012ea94: 00b28700 008b8b8b ffff5f00 008f2b2b  ·········_··++··
0012eaa4: 05172200 008f5f37 ffff4500 008f7753  ·"··7_···E··Sw··
0012eab4: 00b29100 008f8fff 345fc300 00932f00  ··········_4·/··
0012eac4: 0000ea00 00937b63 00b28600 00939393  ····c{··········
0012ead4: ffff5e00 00972f2f 05152100 00979797  ·^··//···!······
0012eae4: ffff5d00 009b0000 00b2b800 009b3333  ·]··········33··
0012eaf4: 05132000 009b5b13 00b20702 009b5b13  · ···[·······[··
0012eb04: 375fa500 009b633b 055b4400 009b7f6b  ··_7;c···D[·k··
0012eb14: 00008500 009f009b 0000fd00 009f3700  ·············7··
0012eb24: 00b2e900 009f8363 00b29000 009f876f  ····c·······o···
0012eb34: 00008400 009f9f9f ffff5c00 00a33b3b  ·········\··;;··
0012eb44: 05111f00 00a36b3f ffff4300 00a70000  ····?k···C······
0012eb54: 00b2b700 00a73f00 00b2e800 00a73f3f  ·····?······??··
0012eb64: 050f1e00 00a76b6b 00b2ff00 00a78f77  ····kk······w···
0012eb74: 00b28300 00a7a7a7 ffff5b00 00ab6f43  ·········[··Co··
0012eb84: 05574200 00ababab ffff5a00 00ababff  ·BW······Z······
0012eb94: 00b2c200 00af4300 00b2df00 00af4747  ·····C······GG··
0012eba4: 050d1d00 00af7b1f 00000802 00af7b1f  ·····{·······{··
0012ebb4: 0000a400 00af977f 00b28200 00b30000  ···············
0012ebc4: 0000b600 00b34f4f 050b1c00 00b37347  ····OO······Gs··
0012ebd4: ffff4100 00b3b3b3 ffff5900 00b74700  ·A·······Y···G··
0012ebe4: 00b2de00 00b79f87 00b28100 00b7b7b7  ················
0012ebf4: ffff5800 00bb5757 05091b00 00bf0000  ·X··WW··········
0012ec04: 0000b500 00bf5b5b 05071a00 00bf7b4b  ····[[······K{··
0012ec14: 05534000 00bfa78f 05d38000 00bfbfbf  ·@S·············
0012ec24: 05815700 00c34f00 00b2dd00 00c39b2f  ·W···O······/···
0012ec34: 00b20502 00c39b2f 00b2a300 00c76363  ····/·······cc··
0012ec44: 05051900 00c7c7c7 ffff5600 00c7c7ff  ·········V······
0012ec54: 00b2c100 00cb0000 00b2b400 00cb5707  ·············W··
0012ec64: 0000dc00 00cb6b6b 05031800 00cb7f4f  ····kk······O··
0012ec74: 05513f00 00cbcbcb 057d5500 00cf00cf  ·?Q······U}·····
0012ec84: 325ffc00 00cf8353 054f3e00 00d37373  ··_2S····>O·ss··
0012ec94: 05011700 00d3d3d3 ffff5400 00d70000  ·········T······
0012eca4: 315fb300 00d75f0b 0000db00 00d78b5b  ··_1·_······[···
0012ecb4: 054d3d00 00d7bb43 00000602 00d7bb43  ·=M·C·······C···
0012ecc4: 00b2a200 00db7b7b 04ff1600 00dbdbdb  ····{{··········
0012ecd4: ffff5300 00df670f 0000da00 00df8787  ·S···g··········
0012ece4: 04fd1500 00df9363 ffff3c00 00dfdfdf  ····c····<······
0012ecf4: ffff5200 00e30000 00b2b200 00e78f8f  ·R··············
0012ed04: 04fb1400 00e79b6b ffff3b00 00e7e7e7  ····k····;······
0012ed14: ffff5100 00e7e7ff 00b2c000 00eb6f0f  ·Q···········o··
0012ed24: 0000d900 00eb9797 04f91300 00ebdb57  ············W···
0012ed34: 00b20202 00ebdb57 0000a100 00ef0000  ····W···········
0012ed44: 335fb100 00efa373 ffff3a00 00efefef  ··_3s····:······
0012ed54: 054b5000 00f37317 00b2d800 00f3a3a3  ·PK··s··········
0012ed64: 04f71200 00f7ab7b ffff3900 00f7abab  ····{····9······
0012ed74: 04f51100 00ff0000 315fb000 00ff00ff  ··········_1····
0012ed84: 345ffb00 00ff1f1f 00b2af00 00ff3f3f  ··_4········??··
0012ed94: 00b2ae00 00ff5f5f 00b2ad00 00ff7b7b  ····__······{{··
0012eda4: 00b2ac00 00ff7bff 00b2fa00 00ff7f1b  ·····{·········
0012edb4: 375fd700 00ff8f3b 325fd600 00ff9b9b  ··_7;·····_2····
0012edc4: 0000ab00 00ff9f43 335ff800 00ffa35b  ····C·····_3[···
0012edd4: 00b2d500 00ffb37b 00b2d400 00ffb383  ····{···········
0012ede4: ffff3800 00ffb7b7 04f31000 00ffbb93  ·8··············
0012edf4: ffff3700 00ffbbbb 0000aa00 00ffbf9b  ·7··············
0012ee04: ffff3600 00ffc79b 00b2d300 00ffc7a7  ·6··············
0012ee14: ffff3500 00ffcfb3 ffff3400 00ffd3bb  ·5·······4······
0012ee24: ffff3300 00ffd7bb 00b2d200 00ffdbc7  ·3··············
0012ee34: ffff3200 00ffdbdb 00b2a900 00ffe3d3  ·2··············
0012ee44: ffff3100 00ffe74b 00b2f900 00ffebdb  ·1··K···········
0012ee54: 0000d100 00ffebdf ffff3000 00ffff00  ·········0······
0012ee64: 325fe700 00ffff23 00b2e600 00ffff47  ··_2#·······G···
0012ee74: 375fe500 00ffff6b 0000e400 00ffff73  ··_7k·······s···
0012ee84: 00310102 00ffff73 325fa000 00ffff8f  ··1·s·····_2····
0012ee94: 00b2e300 00ffffb3 0000e200 00ffffd7  ················
0012eea4: 315fe100 00ffffff 00b2a800 00ffffff  ··_1············
0012eeb4: 04db0400 00ffffff 00b2d000 00ffffff  ················
0012eec4: 00b2e000 00ffffff 00b2ffff 00ffffff  ················
0012eed4: 00b2ffff 00ffffff 00b2ffff 00ffffff  ················
0012eee4: 00b2ffff 314c0539 0000ffff 00ffffff  ····9·L1········
0012eef4: 00b2ffff 3231ffff 0031ffff 00ffffff  ······12··1·····
0012ef04: 00b2ffff 5f34ffff 0000ffff 00ffffff  ······4_········
0012ef14: 00b2ffff 3233ffff 0000ffff 00ffffff  ······32········
0012ef24: 00b2ffff 3233ffff 0000ffff 00ffffff  ······32········
0012ef34: 00b2ffff 3233ffff 0000ffff 00ffffff  ······32········
0012ef44: 00b2ffff 3834ffff 0000ffff 00ff05c0  ······48········
0012ef54: 00b2ffff 3834ffff 0000ffff 00ffffff  ······48········
0012ef64: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 0032ffff 0012ffff  ······LL··2·····
0012ef74: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 0034ffff 0000ffff  ······LL··4·····
0012ef84: 00b2ffff 3230ffff 000000ed 0012ffff  ······02········
0012ef94: 00b2ffff 3230ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······02········
0012efa4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 0032ffff 0012ffff  ······LL··2·····
0012efb4: 00b2ffff 4c4c0594 0031ffff 0012ffff  ······LL··1·····
0012efc4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 0031ffff 0012ffff  ······LL··1·····
0012efd4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 0032ffff 77f8ffff  ······LL··2····w
0012efe4: 00b2ffff 5f32ffff 0000ffff 0012ffff  ······2_········
0012eff4: 00b2ffff 5f3205b3 0000ffff 0013ffff  ······2_········
0012f004: 00b2ffff 5f38ffff 0000ffff 003affff  ······8_······:·
0012f014: 00b2ffff 5f38ffff 0000ffff 0073ffff  ······8_······s·
0012f024: 00b2ffff 5f39ffff 0000ffff 005c05cd  ······9_······\·
0012f034: 00b2ffff 5f39ffff 0000ffff 002effff  ······9_······.·
0012f044: 00b2ffff 3130ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······01········
0012f054: 00b2ffff 3130ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······01········
0012f064: 00b2ffff 3330ffff 0000ffff 0049ffff  ······03······I·
0012f074: 00b2ffff 3330ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······03········
0012f084: 00b2ffff 4b41ffff 0031ffff 0000ffff  ······AK··1·····
0012f094: 00b2ffff 4b41ffff 0031ffff 0000ffff  ······AK··1·····
0012f0a4: 00b2ffff 4e49ffff 315f00b2 0000ffff  ······IN··_1····
0012f0b4: 00b2ffff 4e49ffff 315fffff 0000ffff  ······IN··_1····
0012f0c4: 00b2ffff 4e49ffff 325fffff 000005bd  ······IN··_2····
0012f0d4: 00b2ffff 594bffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······KY········
0012f0e4: 00b2ffff 594bffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······KY········
0012f0f4: 00b2ffff 594bffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······KY········
0012f104: 00b2ffff 3141ffff 315fffff 0000ffff  ······A1··_1····
0012f114: 00b2ffff 5f32ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······2_········
0012f124: 00b2ffff 3734ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······47········
0012f134: 00b2ffff 3734ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······47········
0012f144: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 315fffff 0000ffff  ······LL··_1····
0012f154: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 325fffff 0000ffff  ······LL··_2····
0012f164: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 325fffff 0000ffff  ······LL··_2····
0012f174: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 335f05d1 0000ffff  ······LL··_3····
0012f184: 00b2ffff 5944ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······DY········
0012f194: 00b2ffff 5944ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······DY········
0012f1a4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 315fffff 0012ffff  ······LL··_1····
0012f1b4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 315fffff 0013ffff  ······LL··_1····
0012f1c4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 325fffff 0000ffff  ······LL··_2····
0012f1d4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 335f055d 0000ffff  ······LL]·_3····
0012f1e4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 345fffff 00000569  ······LL··_4i···
0012f1f4: 00b2ffff 4c4cffff 315fffff 0000ffff  ······LL··_1····
0012f204: 00b2ffff 3634ffff 0000ffff 77fcffff  ······46·······w
0012f214: 00b2ffff 3634ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······46········
0012f224: 00b2ffff 3634ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······46········
0012f234: 00b2ffff 524fffff 315fffff 0000ffff  ······OR··_1····
0012f244: 00b2ffff 524fffff 325fffff 0000ffff  ······OR··_2····
0012f254: 00b2ffff 524fffff 335fffff 77f9ffff  ······OR··_3···w
0012f264: 00b2ffff 524fffff 345fffff 0000ffff  ······OR··_4····
0012f274: 00b2ffff 3531ffff 0000ffff 77fcffff  ······15·······w
0012f284: 00b2ffff 3631ffff 0000ffff 0013ffff  ······16········
0012f294: 00b2ffff 3531ffff 0000ffff 0000ffff  ······15········
0012f2a4: 00b2ffff 3631ffff 0000ffff 0013ffff  ······16········
0012f2b4: 00b2ffff 323100a1 0000ffff 7ffdffff  ······12·······
0012f2c4: 00b2ffff 3231ffff 0000ffff 0013ffff  ······12········
0012f2d4: 00b2ffff 3731ffff 0000ffff 0012ffff  ······17········
0012f2e4: 00b2009c 3731ffff 0000ffff 0077ffff  ······17······w·
0012f2f4: 00b2ffff 3731ffff 0000ffff 0049ffff  ······17······I·
0012f304: 00b2ffff 3831ffff 0000ffff 0049ffff  ······18······I·
0012f314: 00b2ffff 77f439b1 7ffdf0c4 7ffde000  ·····9·w······
0012f324: 00000001 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f334: 00000001 77e15797 0012f414 00155518  ·····W·w·····U··
0012f344: 001541f0 0012f414 001541f0 0012f3a4  ·A·······A······
0012f354: 77e1685a 00788fb0 0012f3a4 5101f640  Zh·w··x·····@··Q
0012f364: 0012f634 0012f414 00000000 00000080  4···············
0012f374: 0012f414 00000004 00000018 00000404  ················
0012f384: 00000318 3631ffff 0000ffff 00000000  ······16········
0012f394: 0012f414 00000080 00000030 52040633  ········0···3··R
0012f3a4: 0012f6e0 77f54f15 974012b6 f7400ef1  ·····O·w··@···@·
0012f3b4: 0012f590 5102ba85 5102bbdb 0000000f  ·······Q···Q····
0012f3c4: 00a941f0 00000000 0000ffff 005bffff  ·A············[·
0012f3d4: 00000001 3931ffff 0000ffff ffffffe8  ······19········
0012f3e4: fffffffc 0012f444 00000001 00000000  ····D···········
0012f3f4: 00000000 00000500 00000400 005b0259  ············Y·[·
0012f404: 0059ffff 0056ffff 0000ffff 00000080  ··Y···V·········
0012f414: 00000020 00000001 00000001 00000010   ···············
0012f424: 00000004 00000018 00000404 00000318  ················
0012f434: 00000004 00000018 00000404 00000318  ················
0012f444: 00000000 0048055d 0051eafc 005b4878  ····]·H···Q·xH[·
0012f454: 00b461d0 00b45ddc 00480598 004805dd  ·a···]····H···H·
0012f464: 0012f498 00000003 77f92a54 00a50000  ········T*·w····
0012f474: 00a50718 00000003 00b52378 0012f470  ········x#··p···
0012f484: 00004400 0012f62c 77f98191 77f92a98  ·D··,······w·*·w
0012f494: 00000000 0012f414 00000001 00a50718  ················
0012f4a4: 444e4549 00000000 00000000 0048ffff  IEND··········H·
0012f4b4: 0012ffff 00000000 77f9ffff 0000ffff  ···········w····
0012f4c4: 0000ffff 7c58ffff 0000ffff 0012ffff  ······X|········
0012f4d4: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f4e4: 00000000 00000300 00000400 00000300  ················
0012f4f4: 00000400 00000000 00000000 77f54ef6  ·············N·w
0012f504: 0000ffff 0062ffff 0000ffff 7c586235  ······b·····5bX|
0012f514: 00000094 00000000 5103e770 00153d40  ········p··Q@=··
0012f524: 0012f558 00a83808 00000200 00000000  X····8··········
0012f534: 00000001 00626340 0000006c 00a83808  ····@cb·l····8··
0012f544: 7c5cffff 7c57ffff ffffffff 0012ffff  ··\|··W|········
0012f554: 0050ffff 00000000 00155518 7c586542  ··P······U··BeX|
0012f564: 00000094 0012f538 00000001 77f54f67  ····8·······gO·w
0012f574: f7400ef1 00158bf8 00158b18 00158034  ··@·········4···
0012f584: 00157f00 00158c78 001580d0 00155518  ···x········U··
0012f594: 00157f00 00000004 00000018 00000404  ···············
0012f5a4: 00000318 00158b18 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f5b4: 00000400 00000300 01020200 00000000  ················
0012f5c4: 00000064 00000000 00cc0020 00000000  d······· ·······
0012f5d4: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f5e4: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f5f4: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f604: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f614: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f624: 00000000 00000000 77f54ef6 00000001  ·········N·w····
0012f634: 00000004 00000018 00000404 00000318  ················
0012f644: 00000000 00000000 00000400 00000300  ················
0012f654: 00000001 0012f598 00000000 00000000  ················
0012f664: 00000000 00000000 00000020 00000010  ········ ·······
0012f674: 0012f678 00155528 00000001 77e19da3  x···(U·········w
0012f684: 0012f69c 00000204 00000001 00000084  ················
0012f694: 00788fb0 003b1588 00000004 00000018  ··x···;·········
0012f6a4: 00000404 00000318 00000000 0012f6e4  ················
0012f6b4: 00000009 77f92a54 00a50000 00a50838  ····T*·w····8···
0012f6c4: 00000009 00a71e70 0012f6bc 00000200  ····p···········
0012f6d4: 0012f878 77f98191 77f92a98 ffffffff  x······w·*·w····
0012f6e4: 0012f888 77fcc35c 00a50838 00000000  ····\··w8·······
0012f6f4: 00000040 00000000 00000000 00000001  @···············
0012f704: 00495187 0077036e 0012f9e0 77e1477a  ·QI·n·w·····zG·w
0012f714: 00000001 00000200 00000200 00000000  ················
0012f724: 00000001 00495187 0077036e 00000020  ·····QI·n·w· ···
0012f734: 0077036e 02000001 00000020 0012fa14  n·w····· ·······
0012f744: 77e1477a 0077036e 00000200 00000000  zG·wn·w·········
0012f754: 01760200 00000001 00495187 0077036e  ··v······QI·n·w·
0012f764: 00000200 00000000 01760200 00000200  ··········v·····
0012f774: 00494870 0012fa14 004951a5 00000000  pHI······QI·····
0012f784: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00a50000  ················
0012f794: 05e829f0 00a50178 000002c2 77fcc780  ·)··x··········w
0012f7a4: 77fcce74 ffffffff 00a50000 05e83a48  t··w········H:··
0012f7b4: 0012f7e8 0000002d 77f92a54 00a50000  ····-···T*·w····
0012f7c4: 00a50ef8 0000002d 00000000 0012f7c0  ····-···········
0012f7d4: 00000200 0012f97c 77f98191 77f92a98  ····|······w·*·w
0012f7e4: ffffffff 0012f81c 00000018 77f92a54  ············T*·w
0012f7f4: 00a50000 00a50b08 00000018 00a545b8  ·············E··
0012f804: 0012f7f4 00000200 0012f9b0 77f98191  ···············w
0012f814: 77f92a98 ffffffff 0012f9c0 77fcc35c  ·*·w········\··w
0012f824: 00a50b08 000000b4 00a50000 00b55310  ·············S··
0012f834: 00b55310 000000e0 00b55310 00a50900  ·S·······S······
0012f844: 00000009 00000000 0012f83c 00000200  ········<·······
0012f854: 0012f9f8 77f98191 77f92a98 7c586235  ·······w·*·w5bX|
0012f864: 00a71e70 00000048 0000002b 00000000  p···H···+·······
0012f874: 00418f63 0012f8b4 77f98191 77f89640  c·A········w@··w
0012f884: ffffffff 0012f8c4 004fd286 00a50000  ··········O·····
0012f894: 00000000 55fa0d31 0041a0dd 001b0199  ····1··U··A·····
0012f8a4: 0041a0e8 77e16843 0012f89c 00788fb0  ··A·Ch·w······x·
0012f8b4: 0012f904 004ff998 00559910 ffffffff  ······O···U·····
0012f8c4: 004fd28b 004fd2a8 00000040 000001bd  ··O···O·@·······
0012f8d4: 001b0199 0000002b 0000003a 55fa0d31  ····+···:···1··U
0012f8e4: 004e18cd 00000000 0000000b 00000008  ··N·············
0012f8f4: 0000003b 00320be1 0001a973 00001010  ;·····2·s·······
0012f904: ffffe000 0000003a 00610d8c 00614d76  ····:·····a·vMa·
0012f914: 00000000 00000080 be000000 001b0199  ················
0012f924: 027d6880 00000192 00000192 00000192  ·h}·············
0012f934: 00000192 000001bd 000001bd 000001bd  ················
0012f944: 000001bd 004e2117 00615d10 001b0199  ·····!N··]a·····
0012f954: 00614d76 0060eca0 004d3e80 00b58874  vMa···`··>M·t···
0012f964: 00b58970 0000003b 00000000 00000000  p···;···········
0012f974: 0000003b 00b391b0 00000000 00b58a6c  ;···········l···
0012f984: 00b58970 4c07c28e d121744e d122559b  p······LNt!··U"·
0012f994: 4c088000 4c07009b 4c06402a 0000008c  ···L···L*@·L····
0012f9a4: cd76af68 4d590220 4c06a062 000601b5  h·v· ·YMb··L····
0012f9b4: 021c026c 021900a8 02177fc8 00b391b0  l··············
0012f9c4: 00000000 0039f631 00b58970 00b58a6c  ····1·9·p···l···
0012f9d4: 0000003b 00000000 00000000 0000003b  ;···········;···
0012f9e4: 00000000 004e3aba 05d50db4 ffc609cf  ·····:N·········
0012f9f4: 00b58970 81a80000 00614d00 000000d0  p········Ma·····
0012fa04: 00b58a6c 0039f631 0000008b 003a5007  l···1·9······P:·
0012fa14: ffc609cf 0024fb39 05d50db4 ffc609cf  ····9·$·········
0012fa24: 81a80000 004d1eb9 05d5ad90 00000080  ······M·········
0012fa34: 000009e0 00000000 000009e0 fff85eec  ·············^··
0012fa44: ffe00000 02900000 000009e7 00000000  ················
0012fa54: 00000001 05d517f8 00b3ef80 001d0000  ················
0012fa64: 00000000 00980000 00200000 ff680000  ·········· ···h·
0012fa74: ff680000 00000000 00980000 004d2565  ··h·········e%M·
0012fa84: 00b5c320 00000000 0012fcd8 00000000   ···············
0012fa94: 00000a00 00980000 00010000 05d5181c  ················
0012faa4: 00000080 00000080 00000004 00000001  ················
0012fab4: 0012fcd8 00000000 00136429 ffb00000  ········)d······
0012fac4: 0019bfb5 ffedfc97 fff828bb 00b5bc58  ·········(··X···
0012fad4: 00000001 0012fcd8 00000000 0019bfb5  ················
0012fae4: 00700000 0020f43d fff828bb 000b3b7b  ··p·=· ··(··{;··
0012faf4: 00b5bcc8 00000001 0012fcd8 00000000  ················
0012fb04: 00274fef ffb00000 0036258b ffe1894f  ·O'······%6·O···
0012fb14: fff945a3 00b5bd00 00000001 0012fcd8  ·E··············
0012fb24: 00000000 003b9a8e 01700000 0023ebc4  ······;···p···#·
0012fb34: fff5dc87 000e17e6 00b5bd70 00000001  ········p·······
0012fb44: 0012fcd8 00000000 001d9065 fdf00000  ········e·······
0012fb54: 002fe012 ffc69f35 ffe3ebad 00b5bda8  ··/·5···········
0012fb64: 00000001 0012fcd8 00000000 ffffe500  ················
0012fb74: fdb00000 002239f6 ffd4731a ffc3b540  ·····9"··s··@···
0012fb84: 00b5c320 00000001 0012fcd8 00000000   ···············
0012fb94: ffee4056 ffa80000 fff2e9ea 00049bf1  V@··············
0012fba4: fffcfadd 00b5c358 00000000 0012fcd8  ····X···········
0012fbb4: 00000000 fffd59c2 01700000 ffe60a16  ·····Y····p·····
0012fbc4: 001cc4c6 fff77842 00b5c6d8 00000001  ····Bx··········
0012fbd4: 0012fcd8 00000000 ffe90185 00b00000  ················
0012fbe4: ffd741f3 001b5683 fffef09e 05e89c60  ·A···V······`···
0012fbf4: 00000000 00418f63 00000000 ffc9b1c3  ····c·A·········
0012fc04: fe980000 000d82b3 fffd6977 00000000  ········wi······
0012fc14: 00418f63 00000001 55fa0d31 0041a0dd  c·A·····1··U··A·
0012fc24: 00b3ca10 0041a0e8 00000002 00000001  ······A·········
0012fc34: 00000001 55fa0d31 004de3ea 05e8fe70  ····1··U··M·p···
0012fc44: 0060ae90 00b391b0 00000001 0007ae14  ··`·············
0012fc54: 004de5a4 05e8fe70 00b3ca10 0000ffff  ··M·p···········
0012fc64: 05e8fe70 004df049 fffd6977 7bfd14af  p···I·M·wi·····{
0012fc74: 0012fcd8 00000000 00000008 00010000  ················
0012fc84: 004dccd8 00000004 00000000 00000000  ··M·············
0012fc94: 004168c7 00000001 00a7ee08 00000000  ·hA·············
0012fca4: 42b40000 7c529041 fffd6977 0041751f  ···BA·R|wi···uA·
0012fcb4: 00000004 00a7ee08 00000001 0042d4b7  ··············B·
0012fcc4: 00000023 0012fcb4 0012fe04 0050df65  #···········e·P·
0012fcd4: 00000000 00000000 0000026e 000000f8  ········n·······
0012fce4: 0012fe6c 0000017e 1a51c4c7 00a6e5e0  l···~·····Q·····
0012fcf4: 8fa374f9 0c13b523 6d6f6f44 7475412e  ·t··#···Doom.Aut
0012fd04: 616f6c6f 6b730064 00736e69 7b8904ac  oload·skins····{
0012fd14: db4f5576 c9d8b966 215743e2 c1e380b0  vUO·f····CW!····
0012fd24: 816e5c4c 93065e2a 9cc9e441 af11dde2  L\n·*^··A·······
0012fd34: 9592f147 1e876f95 bfb3f404 7a51d821  G····o······!·Qz
0012fd44: d11afcfe e838ee20 00000002 55fa0d31  ···· ·8·····1··U
0012fd54: 0040afe3 0012fd64 00000002 55fa0d31  ··@·d·······1··U
0012fd64: 0040afe3 0012fd74 00498981 0052d030  ··@·t·····I·0·R·
0012fd74: 00498a83 00000094 00000005 00000000  ··I·············
0012fd84: 00000893 00000002 76726553 20656369  ········Service
0012fd94: 6b636150 00003420 0013a3f8 77aa6299  Pack 4·······b·w
0012fda4: 77b2b750 8007000e 0012fe08 00000000  P··w············
0012fdb4: 00000000 00000001 00000000 7c57b580  ··············W|
0012fdc4: 77a98978 0013a388 00000000 77a77a27  x··w········'z·w
0012fdd4: 0000026e 00000000 0012fdfc 00000002  n···············
0012fde4: 77a7767c 77a7768b 77b2b0b0 0000026e  |v·w·v·w···wn···
0012fdf4: 00000000 0000017e 00fa0d31 55fa0d31  ····~···1···1··U
0012fe04: 0012fe60 0050df88 ffffffff 00495b33  `·····P·····3[I·
0012fe14: ffffffff 7c597767 7ffdf000 00000000  ····gwY|·······
0012fe24: 00000000 0000026e 0000017e 00000001  ····n···~·······
0012fe34: 000f4240 0012fe1c 00000020 00000276  @B······ ···v···
0012fe44: 00000000 00400000 00400230 00400208  ······@·0·@···@·
0012fe54: 7c570000 00400000 0012fe14 0012fe88  ··W|··@·········
0012fe64: 0050f430 00000000 0012fe98 00495e45  0·P·········E^I·
0012fe74: 7c590978 00000000 7ffdf000 0012fe74  x·Y|·······t···
0012fe84: 0012d868 0012ffb0 004ff998 0052c6d8  h·········O···R·
0012fe94: 00000000 0012ffc0 004ffd5a 00400000  ········Z·O···@·
0012fea4: 00000000 001332f2 00000001 00000094  ·····2··········
0012feb4: 00000005 00000000 00000893 00000002  ················
0012fec4: 76726553 20656369 6b636150 b2003420  Service Pack 4··
0012fed4: 00000000 b22eec00 00000072 00000000  ······.·r·······
0012fee4: 00000023 b22eec38 804845a0 b22eed34  #···8·.··EH·4·.·
0012fef4: 00000000 bffb9391 b22eec38 bffcb5e8  ········8·.·····
0012ff04: 00000001 804fbd0a b22eec38 00000da8  ······O·8·.·····
0012ff14: b22eec4c 81635020 8052d694 b22eec38  L·.· Pc···R·8·.·
0012ff24: 00000da8 b22eec4c 81635020 8127b080  ····L·.· Pc···'·
0012ff34: 00000000 8127b080 8127b210 004ffbee  ······'···'···O·
0012ff44: 00000000 00000000 7ffdf000 00000044  ···········D···
0012ff54: 00134708 00134718 00135e20 00000000  ·G···G·· ^······
0012ff64: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012ff74: 00000000 00000000 00000401 00000001  ················
0012ff84: 00000000 00000000 00010001 00000000  ················
0012ff94: 8043120f 00000000 8127b080 001332f2  ··C·······'··2··
0012ffa4: 00000000 0012feb0 00000000 0012ffe0  ················
0012ffb4: 004ff998 00559b00 00000000 0012fff0  ··O···U·········
0012ffc4: 7c5987e7 00000000 00000000 7ffdf000  ··Y|···········
0012ffd4: 00000000 0012ffc8 00000000 ffffffff  ················
0012ffe4: 7c5c1bb4 7c572b00 00000000 00000000  ··\|·+W|········
0012fff4: 00000000 004ffbd6 00000000           ······O·····
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Postby Ixnatifual » Wed Jan 07, 2004 4:27 am

Sounds like your CPU and various other parts are broken - this can actually cause lots of problems with ZDoom.

I suggest you buy a completely new computer.

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Postby Hirogen2 » Wed Jan 07, 2004 11:21 am

Try a skybox?
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Postby randi » Thu Jan 08, 2004 4:45 pm

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Postby Xaser » Fri Jan 09, 2004 6:35 pm

Mapinfo Bu?
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Postby Bio Hazard » Fri Jan 09, 2004 6:57 pm

Xaser wrote:Mapinfo Bu?

i exceeded the maximum topic length

it was supposed to be: I don't know what to call this bug, "mapinfo bug" maybe?
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Postby wildweasel » Fri Jan 09, 2004 9:22 pm

It exceeded the topic length when Randy added the [Duplicate] tag on it.
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