[Duplicate] [2.8.1] Bug : Obituaries doesn't work on railguns

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[2.8.1] Bug : Obituaries doesn't work on railguns

Postby AtomicLugia » Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:18 am

Hello there!

I made a lightning gun. It works great but if I kill another player/bot with this weapon, the death message is "%o was railed by %k.". I already wrote a obituary which says "%o was electroduced by %k's lightning gun." but this seems to be ignored by weapons, that uses A_RailAttack commands.

I have attached the weapon here. Start a deathmatch with this gun and see what I mean.
Lightning Gun - Weapon slot 6 - Uses Cell ammo - Deals medium damage I think.
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Re: [2.8.1] Bug : Obituaries doesn't work on railguns

Postby Edward-san » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:33 am

I've checked this, the regression starts with zdoom r3646.
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Re: [2.8.1] Bug : Obituaries doesn't work on railguns

Postby Graf Zahl » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:23 pm

And the changelog gives a clear reason for that:

ClientObituary() now only looks up the obituary message from the killing player's weapon if the damage type was 'Melee' or 'Hitscan'.

The reason was, if I am not mistaken that secondary damage of another type would not display the proper message.
The thing is, it's an either-or proposition, you cannot have both working at the same time.
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