Windows 3.1 for Windows 10

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Windows 3.1 for Windows 10

Post by VicShaver »

Thanks to Columbia University Windows 3.1 is now available for educational

Microsoft Windows 3.1 from Wikipedia:

Columbia University website:

After reading everything and following instructions I created the DOSBOX
version of Windows 3.1 for Windows 10 32/64 bit computers.

The download file below from my personal Google Drive account takes a few
seconds to download because Google scans it for virus:

(Link removed due to dubious legality. -ww)

Share this educational download with family members, at school and work.

All credit goes to Columbia University for this time capsule of the evolution of
the personal computer operating system by Microsoft Windows.
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Re: Windows 3.1 for Windows 10

Post by wildweasel »

So, I'm letting this topic through approval, but I've removed your Google Drive link. What Columbia University is offering is an installation of DOSBox that lets you run Windows more easily, but requires the official Windows 3.1x install disks. Your Google Drive link, however, bypasses that requirement, and isn't technically legal. So, hopefully this is an agreeable choice.
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Re: Windows 3.1 for Windows 10

Post by leileilol »

If you really really wanted to run Win3.1 stuff on Win10 (and Win7 for that matter) there's this. No piracy neccessary. Pair the use of that with NukeYKT's OPL3 MIDI driver and you're in business

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