How tall is the doomguy?

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How tall is the doomguy?

Postby determin1st » Thu Dec 16, 2021 4:18 pm

commonly assumed, but weak correlation:
- body height ~ 8 heads
so, head height is 56u / 8 = 7 units, eyes at the center (pitch=0) gives view: 56 - 7/2 = 52.5

from the real experimental averages:
- head height ~ bottomToNasalRoot(12.2) + TopToNasalRoot(4.4) = 16.6 cm
- top to nasal ~ 4.4cm = 4.4*0.32 = 1.408u
- The sagittal vertical (height) of a human adult eye is approximately 23.7mm = 2.37cm ~ 0.32*2.37 = 0.7584u = 2*0.3792u

the view: 56.0 - 1.408 - 0.3792 = 54.2128


according to the player sprites z-offset,
player is ~5u below the ground, so the view: 54.2128 - 5 = 49.2128

here is the pic:

the center point is pitch=0, it's clear, that something's wrong - it doesn't align with different sprites - with weapon and without a weapon, the conclusion is that sprites must comply AND ViewHeight should change with player stance (weapon equipment)..

what is more interesting, is the width, which is Radius and XScale..
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Re: How tall is the doomguy?

Postby wildweasel » Thu Dec 16, 2021 5:21 pm

Boss, you don't need to answer every single question you find, especially when that question is from more than ten years ago!
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from a different perspective.
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