Reactor (aka UgyvanPlancsiznakEgy) is a liar bastard

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Reactor (aka UgyvanPlancsiznakEgy) is a liar bastard

Postby cs89 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:52 am

Reactor, who made an interview with another hungarian youtuber (RockerLalee), he has been lying to me during 5 years.
I was one of his faithful viewers until the day he didn't answer to my private messages April month ago. I waited for his answers until August month, then I had enough of him.
He lied to me and his other viewers about the Heavy Troopers band and their music. He claimed that the Heavy Troopers made some of classic video game musics and not the composers from the video game studios (like 3D Realms, iD software amd others). I don't know why he believed that those band members made some video game music remixes if it's clear they had not much original music content.
He couldn't say any trustful information about his Game Over video game review, but I can say I will not wait for Reactor's videos, because he used my naivity to hide his activity on YouTube.

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Re: Reactor (aka UgyvanPlancsiznakEgy) is a liar bastard

Postby Kinsie » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:39 am

Oh hey, it's this guy again.
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Re: Reactor (aka UgyvanPlancsiznakEgy) is a liar bastard

Postby Rachael » Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:07 am

This kind of public shaming is often pretty much used as a bullying tool in the Doom community, and therefore is not tolerated on these forums. The intent always is to build support against a person, in order to demean and massively harass them and make them feel very invalidated and worthless. This kind of bullying is called "mobbing". It is wrong on so many levels and is often way worse than the crime that is being shamed or targeted.

When it comes to these public shaming attacks in the Doom community, the intent is NEVER righteous, no matter what the perpetrators say - they may try to claim the moral high ground, but they do not truly believe in anything they say they are fighting for. And it very clearly shows, too - because their words always ring hollow - and it's really hard to piece together that they truly believe in the stuff they say. They only manage to convince the most naive of folks with their arguments. All they care about is making their target feel miserable. Anyone with even a slight bit of common sense can see right through this fuckery and see it for what it truly is - which is predatory and evil.

We are here to foster a welcoming environment, not one where people have to fear these "mobbing" attacks. (and on that note - PLEASE don't "return the favor" by mobbing people who happen to do this shit - it won't achieve the desired outcome - just as their mobbing attacks never achieve their "righteously" implied goal, either - all you can really do is just ignore them - it's the best way to handle it)

As Enjay has stated in his warning - do NOT do this again. We will ban you - and that ban will be permanent. It's not tolerated, here - period.
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