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Re: Goosebumps Doom!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:48 am
by BFG 9,000,000,000
BFG 9,000,000,000 wrote:Download!
Version 6.1.1
[spoiler]Slappy Doom is a mod that is based off of dooman (BANNED USER)'s mod. This however, has changed difficulty settings, and a new TITLEPIC. I highly encurage you to play on the "No Rest For The Living" setting, as it is very funny setting.[/spoiler]
Credits are here.
[spoiler]Credits (I put 'em here so it wouldn't spoil the mod for ya)
DOOMAN, for editing and creating this mod

Pixly, for the sprite editor

BFG 9,000,000,000, improving this mod and being awesome

And some weirdos who post pictures of their slappy dolls on the internet.

Knife, action doom.

Treasure, WOLF3D

ID Software


Gez, RSKY1-9

Tapwave, Clean door

Blue Shadow, DOOM 3 style door

HorrorMovieGuy, Cleaned up zombies

WildWeasel, um... well... i will get back to that later.[spoiler/]

Screenshots: (I put 'em here because the spoilers on the first post weren't working.)

Re: Goosebumps Doom!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:55 am
by lizardcommando
Why are there so many difficulty settings?

Re: Goosebumps Doom!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:57 am
by wildweasel
BFG 9,000,000,000 wrote:
Kinsie wrote:He didn’t, Mr. Oddly Specific Denials.

Yes, okay, I understand.
So, that is the end of it.
Also, I'd rather have you give my mod a terrible review, then post something that isn't related to my mod.
Also, if I was dooman, I would probably be an ass about the credits (or something else), and get banned.
But here I am, not banned.

It must be time for me to show my hand. See, as an administrator, it's my job to keep an eye on things, monitor everything, no matter how suspicious. Well, when you first registered, among the first things you posted was relating to the Slappy mug shots. I have it on some measure of authority that few people are that interested in both Slappy and Doom, so that gave me the first seeds of doubt. I made the decision to monitor your activity. Granted, you'd made a good effort at a smoke screen of sorts, your IP address was never QUITE the same as dooman's, and you'd made posts outside of this particular special interest.

But then this thread showed up, with many of the same quirks as the few threads dooman posted. The miscopied Google Drive link, the initial lack of credits in the thread, the repeated posting in succession rather than using the Edit button to add additional thoughts.

Then came your strangely specific denial of being dooman. See, I was careful in never directly accusing you of that. I was only ever repeating what I'd said in dooman's final thread regarding due diligence. I figured, if you were somehow a different person (perhaps a "little brother" - a ploy I've heard many a time), my post would be received amicably, taken as a friendly criticism. But in comes the persecution complex, sign of a guilty conscience.

The other part of my gambit was to build up a profile of your posting habits via IP access logs. I mentioned that, at first, none of your IPs matched dooman's directly. By keeping you talking, you would make more and more posts and edits, which would appear in the logs, and I'd have a better idea of whether any similarities were coincidental or not. Well, I can now say without a shadow of a doubt that they are not. See, the first two quadrants of all the IPs used by you are identical to the first two of an address also used by dooman towards the end of his tenure. Granted, the last two never coincided, but I've come to find (through what amounts to digital stake out) that your internet service provider has given you a dynamic IP, so these change on a daily basis. But the first two are specific to the provider and location, so I was able to confirm that you're in the same area and provider as dooman.

Given how widespread our community is, I think it's pretty unlikely that there's two Doomers in the same town that share the same exact posting habits and apparent love for a ventriloquist dummy. So, therefore, I do hereby declare that you are evading a permanent ban. Goodbye.