SNDINFO Not playing sounds for revenant or evil marines

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SNDINFO Not playing sounds for revenant or evil marines

Postby REVonZdoom » Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:57 pm

I've been picking up the mantle of updating Hellwalker ever since the main dev abandoned it for other projects. Most stuff I've been able to do on my own like fixing sprite glitches, replacing certain monsters and getting rid of others (fuck the forgotten one). I even came up with new ideas like having unwilling come out of possessed soldiers, and having pustule face huggers come out of chain gunners. but my current problem resides in the SNDINFO. I've done my best to try and figure out why, and I've even reached out to doom community discords with dedicated channels for such things (spoiler they don't help at all and said channels are basically dead unless someone big asks for help). I love this mod and want to make it better, but the coding is so full of spaghetti that I can't make heads or tails of the SNDINFO.

here is the mod in question: ... n.rar/file

anyone willing to take a look or give me pointer to the right direction will be greatly appreciated.


Note: The Sound info and decorate are properly coded, but the sounds still don't play.

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