32 bit patch dont want to install on 64 bit program

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32 bit patch dont want to install on 64 bit program

Postby Apeirogon » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:41 pm

Not long ago in steam was released game hellgate: london, remaster, or so, of original hellgate: london from 2007. But I hear that this "new" hellgate is the same "old" hellgate, so this release is an attempt to sell same game twice.

To dheck it I bought "new" hellgate on steam and absolutely legally download "old" hellgate from piratebay. But I have problem with "old" hellgate, I cant update it to the last released version using official patch.
Reason is, patch try to find 32 bit version of a game and refuse to update 64 bit version of a game. Why? I dont know, maybe because in 2007 nobody thought so that this game will try to run on 64 bit systems 10 years later.
And I cant install 32 bit version, because installer automatically detect type of a system and dont allow me to choose what version I want to install.
I even try to cheat patcher and rename all files in folder, and folder itself, from x86 to x64 but then instead of "cant find executable" patcher start to say "cant find point of entrance" or something like this. Silly, but still...

I google this problem and found out that in 2007-2009 some guys too meet this problem, but back then some other guys send them 32 bit copies of his own executable and dll files. I cant download it because it was 10 years ago, all links, forums and themes about this dead.

So, is there are anyway to apply patch to game, without radical "install/emulate 32 bit version of windows"?
I already check 6 different torrents and everywhere was 1.0.8 version of a game, while patch have version 1.2 . Without patch there are some bugs like monsters which "stuck" on the air, falling through textures(both player and monsters), errors in drawing monsters model (so player cant hit them, because collision use model surface for this, but monsters still can hurt player), and other charms what we now names "early access".
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Re: 32 bit patch dont want to install on 64 bit program

Postby Enjay » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:48 pm

Sorry, even though you say you bought the game, this is also asking for help on how to get a pirated game running.
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