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Re: The New What Did You Last Do Thread

Postby wildweasel » Sun May 06, 2018 9:32 am

Bigger C wrote:Do you have to get snarky and drag up old shit from my previous account? That's the sort of attitude that drove me off in the first place.

Look, the way you handle your problems is no secret. Especially not on other forums that actually grant users their own "delete my account" button. I've seen how you operate - even if we did delete you, you'd just come right back a year or two later as if nothing ever happened.

What I think the big fallacy here is, is that you threatening to leave over something like this is going to suddenly change anybody's mind about bigger issues. I don't even really have a stance on what started this drama to begin with, so I can't comment there, but a mature person would step away and focus on something else, not threaten to disappear over it (because to a fair chunk of other users, the response would be somewhere in the neighborhood of "who were you again?"). If you're going to go, then go. Raising a big stink about it only serves to make your presence a negative one in the eyes of the people reading your posts.

And yes, perhaps this post was far more blunt than it needed to be, but I don't think subtlety would have done the job here.
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Re: The New What Did You Last Do Thread

Postby Gez » Sun May 06, 2018 10:43 am

Hello, and welcome to Capitalism 101. Today's lesson is: diversity and market demographics.

Let's take a look at Walt Disney, the owners of the Star Wars franchise. Walt Disney is best represented by its own character Scrooge McDuck, the relentlessly penny-pinching miser whose sole aim in life in the accumulation of an ever-greater amount of money for accumulation's sake. Just like its incredibly greedy mascot, the Walt Disney company is never going to spend a dime if it isn't guaranteed a tremendous return on investment. Do you believe that they would cede to "peer pressure" from Internet hacktivists and SJW? Don't be ridiculous. The reason why you get blacks and women in prominent roles in Star Wars movies now is simple: there's money in it.

It turns out that about half the population is made of women. Strange, isn't it? So if you make your movie to target both men and women, then you get to double your market demographics, which means you get to double your return on investment. You make twice as much money! Instead of adding one more floor to your gigantic money bin, you can add two more. You'd be really stupid not to do that. Same for skin colors. Diversity means increasing your market share, and that's what you want to do because you're a for-profit business. You exist to make money, and making money is what lets you keep existing.

So diversity? It's not the SJWs. It's the Invisible Hand of the Free Market.

If you don't believe me, then look at yourself: are you a white guy upset at the existence of characters in a movie that aren't white guys? Is that enough to make you want not to buy tickets? Okay, then imagine if you were, say, a black gal. Wouldn't you be upset by movies where none of the characters are black gals? Inversely, wouldn't movies where you finally get some representation make you want to buy tickets just to encourage more movies to do the same thing? If you can imagine that, congratulations, you have just learned the skill "empathy". It's a good skill to have if you want to be a human being. I encourage you to grind it. Anyways, this is what's happening. It's entirely the outcome of capitalism, and whining on the Internet will never defeat capitalism.

All that put aside, it's time to look about what it means to be whining about wanting movies (and games, and so on) to go back to catering exclusively about white men. That means that you want the market demographic to be exclusively made of white men. And that means that you want people who aren't white men not to have any money to spend on entertainment. Don't be surprised if you get called names. When you say you don't enjoy diversity in movies, that sounds like "I'm upset that non-white-men get to have things to enjoy". It sounds like "I'm upset that I am no longer placed on a pedestal, above and aside from the other people, just because of my skin color and gender".
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Re: The New What Did You Last Do Thread

Postby Bigger C » Sun May 06, 2018 11:22 am

To Weasel: I have sent you a PM.

To everyone else: I apologize for disrupting the peace. I am dropping this subject in this thread now as I don't think anyone's happy discussing it.
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