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Alternate Death Animations for Former Human/Marine

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2022 2:29 am
by Bjecinst
howdy, was curious if anyone has a set of sprites in which either:
- a former human dies in the same position/way as the default marine/player sprite's non XDeath state (ie, falling forwards holding a throat that is bleeding).
- a marine falls onto their back in the same position of a dead former human/sergeant (ie, falling backwards flat onto their back).

reason im asking is because im attempting to create a "Former Marine" sprite sheet which requires the same blood pattern from a former human on the default player/marine sprites, plus some other minor edits.
(marine sprites, of course, have to have that green, translatable set of armour that uses the colours from 112 to 127 on the palette, but it isnt an issue if you have something that's close!)

thanks in advance! :biggrin: