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Sawed-off Super Shotty.

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2022 8:52 pm
by Tunnel Runner
Hi all, I've been experimenting with the SSG sprites and I've been wanting to make a shorter barreled super shotgun, a FaN if you will.

I tried my own hand at this, the only sprite that I'm happy with is the idle sprite though. I've included the aforementioned idle sprite for reference but I've also included another reference file that should give an idea of how short I want the barrel length to be, for a more exact measurement, the barrel should be cut down to about the wooden fore-grip, BUT should also go have a little left over, as seen in the reloading reference file.

what I need: ONLY the reloading sprites, though if you think you can make a better idle sprite than me, feel free to do so.

the ONLY reloading sprites I need are: SHT2B0, SHT2C0, SHT2D0, SHT2G0 and SHT2H0.

Good Luck, and thank you in advance.