Human NMEs Request (Bad Guys)

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Human NMEs Request (Bad Guys)

Post by Nomakh »

I would like to ask you to help me to find sprites (at least), or "fully-coded", you know, "Bad guys". Those human actors that can be described as "Bad guy". Especially - street mobs, gangsters, t-rorists. It would be great if all sprites will be in one style, not like "One guy from Action Doom 2, one from Blade of Agony, one from Batman Doom", but if not - I will appreciate your help anyway.

Well, here is list of "settings" that I need:

Mobs, bandits, gangsters. From all countries and gangs if possible. (Italian Mafia, Columbian Cartel, Triads, Yakuza, "gopniks" etc)

T-rorists (maybe - heavy armed mobs)

Military guys

Medieval guys - knights, archers etc

Nazis (fully rotated if possible)

Scientists (armed)

Armed civilians, like some kind of rioters (different melee, molotows, guns)

Police and SWAT guys

Some kind of cultist guys

If you will find or rip sprites from postal 2, ready for coding anf creating actors - I will be very thankful.

Also - it would be great to find sprites of fatalities\glory kills for human enemies.

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