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"Realistic" themed prototype weapon. (Base included)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:54 pm
by Graaicko
Hello. So I have wanted a "Prototype" style of weapon for my modern themed mod. I don't really have a creative mind when it comes to these kinds of things. (I try to make weapon sprites based on real firearms, via images off the internet or my own firearms I own). The weapon itself fires drunken-projectiles similar to ROTT's drunken missile launcher. What I currently have atm is a basic BFG sprite, wiped it of its futuristic looks. I would like to request it look something that DARPA would develop. I I'm not really looking for it to be edited as a traditional Doomstyle BFG or rocket launcher. It has to look like something semi-realistic... Originally I was going to base this weapons looks off of the XM25 weapon that shoots those "Smart" projectiles, but it turned out very bad. I provided a base of something I tried to edit, but yeah, just can't lol I am excited what to see.