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Boss Monster Sprites

Postby Drake Raider » Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:09 am

I need an unusual boss sprite for a project I'm working on. If no one has time I understand, but if someone can give it a shot it would be super helpful, as I can't sprite to save my life.

It will be based on a couple monsters from the Realm 667 Beastiary: A darker colored Cybruiser as a base, but it has the wings of the Lord of Heresy, colored to match. Also, in it's off hand, it wields an oversized cleaver (see link) that has a chain attached to the end of the hilt. It carries it over it's shoulders when idle, then drags it around when walking. It has two cleaver attacks, a vertical chop and a horizontal slash, and two gun attacks, a small green plasma blast and a midsized rocket.

Cleaver example (though in the final form, I'm looking for it to look more weathered and demonic, and big enough that the monster has to drag it around.)

For color, look at the Hectubus and Belphagor from skulltag, for examples, but retaining the original colour variety in the Cybruiser.

Again, thank you, and again, if it doesn't happen, I understand.
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