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[Request] Hexen weapons, items and player files

PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2021 8:45 am
by CopperBoltwire
While GZDoom comes with a GZDoom.pk3 that allows me to "mod" the 3 classes max health, there is no way for me to modify weapons, items or powerups.
But the thing is, I rather not wish to tamper with a "base" file, and rather want to mock about with a mod instead.

So many years and I would love to change the speed of the weapons, their damage, their ammo, or how much health the player gets or can have max via drinking the crystal vials

Hope someone gets the idea.

I'm not interested in adding new content to Hexen, i just want to mod the variables of the game to provide a new way of playing.
Could be fun to make Korax a bigger bullet sponge then he already is, to make the fight a little longer... it feels sooo underwhelming and quick.
He is a pushover...

could also be fun to be able to mod the variables of how long a powerup lasts or how much the bonus the powerup gives, that sort of thing.

I'm looking through the Resources section some more and hope i find what i want, but i wanted to request it here...
HEck, i might even find what i look for, and if that will be the case then i shall just post again here with the link to what i find.

But if you already know in the whereabouts what i look for and what it's called, toss a link to it here...

Now i hope i'm posting in the right section too... I mean, I am looking for the vanilla Hexen files to modify. (Yes i own the game, but on CD and via Steam so i have the .WAD)

Would love to do the same for Heretic...