Proposition, need a monster sprite artist for a game (paid)

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Proposition, need a monster sprite artist for a game (paid)

Post by Emmanuelexe »

Hello, i need a monster sprites artist for a game i manage with a team (gzdoom people), it will be commercial, stuff started more than 1 month ago, we have all the concept arts (except 4 but it will come very soon) and base code but we need the sprite artist for the monsters too. I pay a normal price for it like commission.

If you are interested, i will need some exemples of your work.

We have a texture artist who do decorations/obstacles too, weapon artist, musician, programmer and me as a publisher/lead producer.

People can pm me, i can give more informations and game design document/folders of it. We did a good start :)
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Re: Proposition, need a monster sprite artist for a game (pa

Post by Nash »

I have previously worked with Manhs before; can confirm that they're trustworthy when it comes to payment.

I also laid the foundation for the game they're working on, so yes, the game exists, there's a working prototype; that's all I can say. :)

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