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Techbase BIGDOORx Lever Request

PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 7:22 am
by XLightningStormL

Seems either Adrian or McCloud had the idea of the techbase BIGDOORx (2, 3, etc) having hydraulic levers to show they were directly intractable (like any real door)

Essentially I'm working on a project where directly interactable doors typically have buttons on them, whilst indirect interactable doors don't have buttons and such on them.

Design wise, I'm not too sure what the lever would look like, I'd presume a little onset light indicator (green for openable, red for no access) with the lever itself maybe having a hazard strip on it, be jet black rubber or be bright red (so it stands out as interactable) or maybe even a mix of the last two, with the base/center/pin/etc of the lever itself having a key hole (not keycard!) for implying the use of normal metal keys.

Of course a second "inertia" frame (for when the door is interacted with, like a switch) too, otherwise it'd look very odd to interact a door with a lever/handle, and not have it move.