[Code Request] Coding Help for Vanilla Glory Kill

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[Code Request] Coding Help for Vanilla Glory Kill

Postby OverDriver05 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:55 pm

Hello, i'm OverDriver05, developer of the WIP Doom mod i'm been working on called Vanilla Glory Kill!

I'm in serious need of some coding help for the following:
* Adds Basic Glory Kills
* Adds Glory Kill shader and effects
* Adds Quick Glory Kill option for the Chainsaw
* Expands Glory Kill options, as well as adding more Glory Kills for specific Demon types
* Adds Weapon-Specific Glory Kills

I got the resources ready, but i'm pretty bad at coding! Barely able to make it work...somehow!

If you want to help out, i got the link to my project:

Help is pretty much appreciated!
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