simbeys MapToWad Map Conversion Tool modifed version

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simbeys MapToWad Map Conversion Tool modifed version

Postby spforce » Fri Aug 14, 2020 1:36 pm

i want the modifed version afa doomer upload on his site he used to make the wolfestein 3d total conversion for doom so i can convert any wolfenstein 3d map to doom
i does have simbeys original version but for some resson when i load the map in doom the doors are wrong not openable and walls and all textures are wrong and look wierd even with loading the wolfenstein resources pk3 file that is with wolfenstein 3d total conversion mod
does someone have the modifed version ? beucase on this page : the link doesnt work anymore
maybe this modifed version will work? i want to be able to convert wolfesntein 3d maps to doom with that they look correctly 100% with openable doors and all textrues looked aligned as they should be
edit: well i did found the fix in style options you must uncheck the both 2 options that is always check on be defeult when you launch program and also when you convert map you must make it original format and to use afa doomers pk3 to check these two optios on , i also launch it by drag drop the afa doomer wolfenstein 3d resoruces pk3 to it with all the options sayed done and it works finally with all the textures aligned correctly
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Re: simbeys MapToWad Map Conversion Tool modifed version

Postby Rayman The Hedgehog » Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:00 pm

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