Doom-style weapon sprites

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Doom-style weapon sprites

Postby Artman2004 » Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:27 pm

Hi, I'm looking for any weapon sprites that would fit in with the art style of classic Doom. There are a lot of great weapon sprites out there, but its hard to find any that don't clash heavily with Doom's style. They also need to be centered. Thank you.
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Re: Doom-style weapon sprites

Postby Jarewill » Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:25 am

The most classic-styled sprites in my opinion are the ones from Doom alpha versions.
They can be downloaded off of idgames archive. Though iirc, I had to install DosBox to install the alphas on my drive before I had access to the wads.
Wiki pages: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5.
The alphas include 3 different rifle sprites, (one with a bayonet) a SMG sprite and a different shotgun sprite, but they also include various different sprites for not just weapons.

You can preview how one of the rifles look like on Realm667.
There's also a version by the user ItsNatureToDie.
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Re: Doom-style weapon sprites

Postby Artman2004 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:14 pm

Thanks for the reply. Is there anywhere else where I can find other Doom-style sprites?
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Re: Doom-style weapon sprites

Postby Hambourgeois » Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:26 pm

I posted this in the spriting carnival earlier, you might get some use out of it. Alpha v0.5 assault rifle plus pieces of the shotgun and pistol muzzle flashes.

That's a good thread in general from briefly lurking in it. Lot of people are posting edits to the Doom weapons that keep the style well
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Re: Doom-style weapon sprites

Postby CeeJay » Tue Jul 07, 2020 12:01 am

It kind of depends of what you mean by DOOM-style. Old-school hand drawn and/or photoshop-ed sprites that could have been included in the vanilla base game, or more modern sprites that simply aim to emulate the old style but with much increased quality in terms of detail and shading thanks to the advancement of graphical editing.

For some old-school stuff I'd check out Obituary by TiC: ... -o/obtic11 It has a pretty sweet flamethrower that wouldn't look terrible out of place among the DOOM arsenal.

Then you could check out Cory Whittle's (aka Don Tello) old works in the combos directory. or any of the DT-# or CW-# files.
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