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[request] recolor knight from Heretic

PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2020 1:03 pm
by Lagi
My Lords,
I hope Yours wealth and fortunes multiplies faster than rabbits. I would appreciate if someone sacrifice their time to look upon my request.

I would like to use Dead Knight by Eriance & Ghastly.
In my mod I have multi frame version of Undead Knight, and would like to have also Death Knight with same quality.
I figure out (im smart) that is easier to recolor sprites that I have, than drawing again new sprite for Death Knight, who is recolor of Undead Knight in the first place.

Could You please recolor the sprite sheet at the bottom to achieve similar look?
- blacker armor
- yellow motive on pauldrons, horns and greaves
- remove axe, & add shield and sword.

... i dont need this "7" or whatever symbol it is, neither any other detail.
... I would like to keep green ether of Undead Knight (instead red, as on the Death Knight)

Spoiler: worksheet

Thank You