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Doom Eternal Monsters

PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:03 am
by TaporGaming
Can someone had any links to have a monsters sprites from Doom Eternal? (Especially Craneo i already seen in Discord)

This must have a full sheet of PNG or complete sprites inside from zip or pk3

Imp: Not Requested
Pinky Demon: Already from D4T
Cacodemon: Not Requested (Must improve the D4T's Cacodemon sprites)
Pain Elemental: Not Requested
Hell Knight: Already from D4T
Dread Knight: Incomplete by Craneo
Carcass: Incomplete by Craneo
Arachnotron: Incomplete by Craneo
Whiplash: Incomplete by Craneo
Archvile: Not Requested (Improve original archvile sprites)
Mancubus: Already Completed from Doom 2
Cyber Mancubus: Not Requested
Revenant: Not Requested
Cyberdemon: Not Requested (Change the metals and cannon)
Doom Hunter: Not Requested
Gladiator: Not Requested
Khan Maker: Incomplete by Craneo