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REQUEST: 8 Degree Rotation sprites for Halo Covenant Enemies

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 3:21 am
by REVonZdoom
I am making a halo doom mod, and I need sprites for enemies. unfortunately I'm not good at sprite art, and no one on the team wants to do enemies.

The following Enemies are needed :

Elite: Blue, Red, White, Gold

Grunt: Yellow, Red, Green, White

Jackal: Blue Shield, Red Shield, Pink Shield, Purple Shield

Skirmisher: Red, Blue, Gold, Black

Drone: Blue, Red, Green, Gold

Hunter: Blue, Purple-ish Red, Red

Brute: Red, Blue, Black, Gold

Color meanings:

Blue / Yellow: Minor.

Red / Pink: Major

White / Purple-ish Red / Black / Green: Spec ops / Heavy Artillery

Gold: Zealot

Who gets what?


Elites: Plasma Rifle

Brute: Plasma Rifle

Red Jackal: Plasma Rifle

Pink: Jackal Needler

Everyone else: Plasma Pistol

Hunters: hunters don't need specific weapon models since their 1 gun model is very versatile and effects can be added in post, so they will no longer be mentioned.


Brutes: Spiker

Everyone else: Needler


Elites and Brutes: Carbine

Skirmishers: Carbine

Grunts: Plasma Rifle

Drones: Plasma Rifle

Heavy Artillery:

Grunts and Elites: Fuel Rod Gun


Elites: Energy Sword

Brutes: Gravity Hammer

Skirmisher: Energy Sword

Drone: Fuel Rod Gun.

Actions that need animated:




Grenade Throw

Weapon Reload

Weapon Overheat

Running from being set on fire or getting stuck with plasma grenade

Rolling on ground from being set on fire (angle)

Death (1 angle)

Arm shot off and holding the stump in pain. (1 angle)

Leg shot off and holding the stump in pain. (1 angle)

Hunter Struggling to hold itself together before collapsing (1 angle)

Brute going Berserk.

Brute punches

Elite Sword Melee

Elite kick

Models Required:

Everyone else: Halo Reach

Brutes: Halo 3

Any and all contributions to this project will be very much appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon.