EBlitz Custom textures

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EBlitz Custom textures

Postby NachtIntellect » Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:04 pm

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone would like to make (In exchange for money) some textures for Eternity Blitz (or EBlitz for short). As for the asking price, I am not entirely sure I think that's where we will have to go to negotiating how much would be given. Fair warning though I do only have a limited amount of money. Anyway without further delay, let's talk about what we would need.

I am looking for some sci-fi/retro-future looking textures if you want some references I will be happy to share them on discord (EdgierThanPaper#0020) I am thinking that a lot of the textures I would need will have lights to accentuate them so there would also be a lot of white/gray/black/silver (To make it look as clean as possible except for places where there is blood) possibly even blue and tan yellow.

Edit: Yikes, looks like this was supposed to go into requests. Can someone move that there for me? Apologies at the time of writing this I've only had 4 hours sleep and it was about 5 AM I got to posting this.
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Re: EBlitz Custom textures

Postby ShadesMaster » Tue Feb 25, 2020 12:47 am

Interesting! These are standard 128x textures right? Or are u looking for higher res?
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