Dual-wielding Super Shotguns in Brutal Doom

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Dual-wielding Super Shotguns in Brutal Doom

Postby Zodomaniac » Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:42 am

The SSG has greater spread and shorter barrels than the pump-action one, so could somebody use e.g. DoomNukem's one-handed sawed-off as a base https://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/ ... un-for-v21 and enable dual-wielding them?

For firing mechanic I'd suggest the following. To begin with, we have 4 barrels, from left to right: left SG-left barrel, left SG-right barrel, right SG-left barrel, right SG-right barrel.

Let the secondary attack fire the rightmost loaded barrel, and primary attack fire the double-blast with the rightmost fully-loaded SG, if there are no fully-loaded SGs, fire the secondary attack (same as with the single SSG). This is the simplest logic possible to enable any possible combination of shots: 2+2, 2+1+1, 1+2+1, 1+1+2, 1+1+1+1.

Reloading order: the less-loaded SG first (it may be the left one if first single and then double shot is fired), otherwise right first.

Each of the 2 SSGs then will be OK with the current set of sprites, where the rightmost barrel is fired first in case of a single shot and can be reloaded. Would also be great to have a possibility to interrupt reloading (if you click some attack while reloading it should fire according to the above logic immediately if any shells remain or as soon as one of the guns is loaded)
Attaching the SGN2B0.png sprite (named the same as e.g. PLASA0 for single plasma gun and PLASB0 for duals) to display in the HUD when dual-wielding.
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