[Request] A variety of angled gun sprites.

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[Request] A variety of angled gun sprites.

Postby Samarai1000 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:39 pm

I'm planning out a relatively simple weapon mod (that might not come to fruition, if my motivation vanishes like it has before :oops: ) that's going to use angled weapons due to my preference for them. My problem so far is I'm having trouble finding angled weapons of consistent quality in doom's style. The angled weapon sprites/spritesheets I'm looking for are as follows:

-Some sort of assault rifle/minigun. The mod is going to be a sort of recreation of Doom's arsenal with more modern mechanics (ridiculously generic, I know) but I haven't decided if I want to replace the Chaingun with a rifle, or more of a minigun-esqe design due to the chaingun's slow firerate. Either/or works!

-A pump-action shotgun. Remington-esqe preferred (but not at all required!), with included shell sprites of similar resolution to the weapon to be used in reloading frames.

-A double-barrel shotgun. Preferably sawed-off, as it'll have almost-ridiculously bad accuracy in function.

-Some sort of an explosive ranged weapon. I.E, grenade launcher/rocket-propelled-grenade. Already considering using SW's riotgun sprites for a grenade launcher.

That's all I'm really thinking of now! I apologize for making such huge requests like this, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding what I need. Thank you for reading, at least!
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