[REQUEST] Legacy HXRTC-HUD for Brutal Doom v21 PB

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[REQUEST] Legacy HXRTC-HUD for Brutal Doom v21 PB

Postby ShockwaveS08 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:08 am

I've been trying to get the HXRTC HUD for Brutal Doom's new public beta up and running on D-Touch/GZ1.8.6/GZ2.1pre, but I can't seem to figure oht what's causing the game to kick me back to the D-Touch launcher every time I try running both at the same time. I even tried transplanting some SBARINFO code from the v20b iteration, and that didn't work either.

Would anyone be able to help me out, since Beloko's Delta-Touch is turning into Half-Life 3?
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