Need some FLAT20 style textures and blank key bar

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Need some FLAT20 style textures and blank key bar

Postby Nevander » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:27 pm

Working on polishing up some stuff for my TC and since I suck ass and custom sprite and texture work, I am asking here for some assistance. Basically I want to have some FLAT20 style textures to match with these key bar textures. I also need a version of the techbase key bar without any color or light thing on it. Basically with the style of a normal one but no key for it.

So I need 5 textures: FLAT20 style version of the three skull key bars and then one FLAT20 style version for the techbase key bar, and then a blank techbase keybar.

Here is some stuff you'll need to do it, they must be truecolor. Design should be consistent with the sources with the same level of detail, but in the style of classic Doom's FLAT20. Thanks.

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