Spider Mastermind with BFG9000

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Spider Mastermind with BFG9000

Post by printz »

Someone on the Realm667 forums had made a high quality sprite of the Spider Demon equipped with a BFG9000 instead of a chaingun. Unfortunately I can't find the thread any more. Maybe it was lost during one of the site transitions? Anyway it was pretty much still a Spider Mastermind, but with a weapon change, complete with proper gun flashes happening before fire, in the same style as player's BFG9000, unlike the already-in Demolisher who is actually a mutant or a different species (3 eyes) and having both BFG and chainguns.

Does anyone still have that monster? Is the author around here?
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Re: Spider Mastermind with BFG9000

Post by wolfman »

I have this: SMBFG.zip
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Re: Spider Mastermind with BFG9000

Post by JohnnyTheWolf »

Cool! I might use that for my no hitscanner/all demon monster mod... if it does not make the Spider Mastermind too OP, that is. :lol:

I know this was posted about five years ago, but still, thank you so much! :thumb:

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