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[Request] Weredragon Edit

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:43 pm
by Captain Ventris
I need a sprite edit of a Weredragon from Heretic. Now, this edit needs to convey a certain something, but I'm not going to be real specific about it.

The Weredragon needs to be edited to express that it is somehow more powerful. Maybe that it's closer to the "Dragon" part of its name, and has some scales around its muzzle and limbs or something, just something to suggest that it is different, and is visible. Try not to recolor parts of it other than the eyes if you feel like it. Please do the edits using the png format graphics linked to below, to maintain the dragon's original Heretic colors. ...

This is a relatively free-form request, and is simply something out of my capabilities to do to any decent quality.