[Request] Nova Beam-like effect for a weapon?

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[Request] Nova Beam-like effect for a weapon?

Postby Ceeb » Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:49 pm

Anyone who has played Metroid Prime 3 knows what I mean, but I'll explain anyway. I have a weapon, my Fusion Rifle. (I know it's the Railgun from Shadow Warrior. I'm not saying I made it.)

But what I'm doing is giving it a charge-up attack, as in, you hold in the trigger, it builds up a charge on the muzzle of the weapon, and holds it there until you release the trigger. The code is all stuff I can handle, but I need a kind soul to do some sprite edits for me.

In Metroid Prime 3, when you charge the Nova Beam weapon, a sphere of energy builds at the muzzle of the arm cannon. After the charge fills out completely, three smaller spheres of energy form around it and orbit it, which is what I'm hoping to achieve for this.

I don't have anything to offer besides the fact that you'll be credited in Hell Worm, which will probably be my biggest, best project, so there's always that, eh? :P

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