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Postby Cyanide » Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:48 am

Can anyone help me with some code for displaying an ingame overlay with some stats?

I'm trying to make a tally counter for my mod "Shades of Doom" that is supposed to keep track of how many monsters the player has killed of each kind. The mod keeps track of the amount by writing adding 1 to a corresponding CVAR each time a monster is killed (by running a ACS script), so the HUD / UI script should be able to display this CVAR, preferably in real time. Since the amount of different monsters is quite large the UI needs to be able to scroll up/down and turn pages (so each monster group gets it's own page). The mod StatsKeeper by sylandro does something that looks the way I'm imagining it.

Hope someone is up to the task.
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