How to get your old account reactivated

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How to get your old account reactivated

Postby Rachael » Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:30 pm

As part of security measures, if the last time you logged in was prior to 2017/Jan/1, your account has been marked inactive and therefore unable to log in.

If you need assistance recovering your account, please let us know by leaving a detailed message here. Please note that you must be logged out in order to access this link.

When asking to recover your account, please, for verification purposes, let us know either what email you had on the account at the time, or what ISP+Location you would have logged in from. This is so we can cross-reference with our records to make sure that you are really you. Obviously, we need the account name, too, or we won't know who to reactivate!

Additionally, sometimes you may lose access to your old email. If you provide us with your CURRENT email address, we will update it.

Do not tell us what topics you've created. This is publicly available information and cannot be used to verify you as the original account owner.

Do not post your password! - This is not necessary for recovering your account, not to mention HUGELY insecure! We don't want it, and will never ask for it.

Reminder - if you don't let us know your account name, we can't verify you.

If nothing happens when you request a reactivation, chances are you did not follow the instructions here.
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