[4.3pre-643-g442f953d6]Strange HQ Resize bug

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[4.3pre-643-g442f953d6]Strange HQ Resize bug

Postby Blasphyx » Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:01 pm

I was just playing heretic like normal using a beta version so I can try the latest statbar mod. Then I got to the next level where on foot enemies were walking on a water texture...but it's like they were underwater. when they step onto the platform off of the water they are rendered properly. First I made sure it wasn't the stat bar mod doing this.(for whatever reason) That's not it. Then I tried running the latest stable version, 4.2.4 and the problem doesn't exist here. The problem exists between 4.2.4 and the current latest beta.


This is Heretic, E5M2

As I said, it doesn't happen in 4.2.4 in any scenario. This doesn't happen in this latest beta in hardware accelerated, but it does happen in software.(both regular software and true color software) In the screenshots, you see that the monsters are clipped way under the water when hq resize is scaling the sprites, but they behave the way they're supposed to when hq resize doesn't scale them. Interestingly, they are less clipped into the water at hq resize 4x rather than 6x.

Such a strange bug...I don't understand how a filter can affect such a conditional situation. A monster walking on a water texture? Like really?
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Re: [4.3pre-643-g442f953d6]Strange HQ Resize bug

Postby Blasphyx » Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:47 am

Huh...for now it seems that I got hardware accelerated to look almost like my true color software setup, but there's still some elements I like that can't be replicated in hardware. Like when you're in really dark areas, if you're really close to walls, you can still see those walls. Visibility to anything at any brightness is high if you're close enough. So the visual aspects are dark, gritty, but still more visible at super close range.
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