LzDoom invert stereo 3D invert eyes

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LzDoom invert stereo 3D invert eyes

Postby Cutthroad » Tue May 31, 2022 12:24 pm

So I'm using delta touch on my android and I play in 3D VR using a cardboard visor and the opengl 3 stereo 3D option and I noticed something, the viewport in the right should be the view from the left eye and viceversa, as you should not be able tho see the window on the picture from that eye, it makes sense crossing your eyes as the right eye looks at the left viewport, but with glasses it does not, I tried to look at all the available options but there is none about "invert eyes", I have seen that option in some other 3D games, is there a console command for that or something I might use?

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