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Postby Delfino Furioso » Thu Jan 13, 2022 5:30 am

Hi, consider a user case where game contents are organized as such:
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"<DIR>\bin\" => engine binaries
"<DIR>\main\" => main game data
"<DIR>\maps\" => megawad files
"<DIR>\mods\" => pwad files

the universal way of loading things would be:
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"<DIR>\bin\engine.exe" -iwad "<DIR>\main\DOOM2.WAD" -file "<DIR>\maps\D2TWID.WAD" "<DIR>\mods\D2SPFX.WAD"

however, for the majority of source ports, one might define
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set DOOMWADDIR="<DIR>\main\"
set DOOMWADPATH="<DIR>\maps\;<DIR>\mods\"

and then launch simply
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"<DIR>\bin\engine.exe" -iwad "DOOM2.WAD" -file "D2TWID.WAD" "D2SPFX.WAD"

I've tried doing the same with gzdoom by setting the following .ini file lines:
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but after testing I've determined that the "Path=" setting does not support a semicolon-separated list of directories
furthermore, it seems that there is no way to tell gzdoom to look for wads recursively within the specified path (iirc Raze do offer this option, at least for IWADSearch.Directories)

am I doing something wrong?
am I supposed to specify each directory in its own .ini file line?

in general, I'm looking for a convenient way to handle (via batch files, not a launcher) multiple wads organized in a pretty articulated directory tree (ex: by iwad/episode/complevel)
do any of you guys have any suggestions?

thank you!
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