Doom 2 with reshade

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Doom 2 with reshade

Postby remzi26 » Thu Dec 23, 2021 6:33 am

Halo dear community and support team. I needed help for activating ''all kind of presets'' in doom2 and other versions (Tnt, first game etc.)
First of all i should explain the way of how i installed the ''reshade''.

When in the first page i did not touched to vulkan setting (Vulken is enabled). After that i have selected ''openGL'' and ''Gzdoom g4.7.1''. After this way, i have selected all of ''effect packs'' in the list (All of effect packs are checked in other words.) And installer writed like it has installed correctly.

In the first try i used this preset from this youtube video's:
Preset: ... 1.rar?dl=0

But inside of game the effects looked like these ones in the photos i take:

I don't have idea where do am i doing wrongly. Than you for all kind of helps also.
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Re: Doom 2 with reshade

Postby Charlotte Dartstock » Thu Dec 23, 2021 6:23 pm

According to one of the screenshots you might not have all effect packages? What works for me is:

Run ReShade_Setup_4.9.1.exe.
Click "Click here to select a game".
Click "Browse..." and search GZDoom.exe.

Select renderer: OpenGL or Vulkan.

If you want OpenGL and there's already an existing installation: Update it.

If you want Vulkan but it tells that Vulkan isn't available because "Existing ReShade Installation for OpenGL found" close the Setup and restart it. This time select OpenGL as your renderer. Now "Uninstall" the existing OpenGL setup and close and restart the setup yet again. When you next time reach the renderer question you can select Vulkan too. It might give a better fps.

From the "Select effect packages" window tic every pack and "OK".

If you tic every box twice so that they'll get "correct" mark in front of them the setup will download them without asking a confirmation for every set.

Go to "Edit ReShade settings".
Select "Doom Cinematic 5.5.1.ini" as the preset.
Click OK + close ReShade Setup window.
Run GZDoom.
Charlotte Dartstock

Re: Doom 2 with reshade

Postby remzi26 » Fri Dec 24, 2021 6:09 am

Halo Charlotte and thank you so much for answring to my post. I tried it your way without vulkan settings and still effects are same. Is this happening because of my graphics card settings. Also my pc has got AMD graphics card (I think it was radeon 560 series)

Update: I found a video about some general problems in reshade (Video link: You can look at the the 7:22 time zone at the video. I mean like the if path of effects and shaders are missing i have writed it on the page of settings of reshade menu and game was looked like this:
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Re: Doom 2 with reshade

Postby Charlotte Dartstock » Sat Dec 25, 2021 5:24 pm

Hi, strange, for me that Cinematic preset applies two prod80 shaders which are missing from your list. And they have a very distinctive effect here. Could you see again that "Color effects by prod80" are installed from the effect packages page?

pro80_02_Bonus_LUT_pack (PD80_02_Bonus_LUT_pack.fx)
pro80_03_FilmicTonemap (PD80_03_Filmic_Adaptation.fx)

Charlotte Dartstock

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