G/LZDoom bots do NOT work on Linux at all.

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G/LZDoom bots do NOT work on Linux at all.

Post by yum13241 »

Yes, I know bots are deprecated, but that should not prevent me from using them on Linux, they work perfectly fine on Windows.

Distribution: EndeavourOS (Basically Arch Linux, installed the G/LZDoom packages from the AUR, no I'm not gonna risk breaking my precious install).
Note: yes my Linux PC is worse than the one that runs Windows 10, I cannot use the Windows 10 one for now. So ignore my profile.

Yes, I did all the steps (add a bots.cfg inside a zcajun folder), when I do addbot in the console, it complains that there are no more bots left in bots.cfg, when i CLEARLY filled it all up.

My bots.cfg (yes IK that it ends in .txt, for some reason .cfg's aren't allowed, just plop it into the zcajun folder as bots.cfg, type addbot in the console, and lo and behold, doesn't work!
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