Issues using PowerJumpHeight

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Issues using PowerJumpHeight

Post by OkDoomer174 »

I've been making a mod that backports Skulltag's actors to GZDoom proper, and I've run into a bit of a problem. I went to try out the High Jump Rune, and I discovered that it did nothing. I'll save you the rest of the story; I've attempted to give myself PowerHighJump through the console in GZDoom, LZDoom, and Zandronum, with my only success in the last one. Does anybody know if there are special arguments that need to be passed or if it's a problem with the engine?
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Re: Issues using PowerJumpHeight

Post by Blue Shadow »

I don't know about Zandronum, but in GZDoom, PowerHighJump doesn't define a duration by default, which means it's 0. You need to create a giver for the powerup with the desired duration.

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