Random FPS drops that clear up with ESC w/OBS?

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Random FPS drops that clear up with ESC w/OBS?

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So this is a weird one, I'm not sure if it's because of mods running, or a hardware issue or what, so I'm hoping maybe I can get some answers here. Whenever I play GZDoom and stream my gameplay with OBS, I tend to get random drops in FPS, what seems like going from 60 to 30 (I can't tell the exact number as I don't know how to view ingame FPS with GZDoom). Whenever it happens, hitting the ESC key to bring up my main menu clears it up immediately. The issue doesn't seem to occur much, if at all, when I'm not streaming with OBS, hence why I suspect that is a factor. I'm using the Vulkan Renderer in GZDoom as well. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this oddity or something similar, and might have some ideas on a possible fix?

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