Problem with saving a game in network game

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Problem with saving a game in network game

Post by alanb007 »

Hi Everyone
I hope i have posted this in the correct area.
I am using the latest version of GZDoom on a MacBook Pro and a Windows 10 machine.

The network game works really well. Both over the LAN and the internet. So everything works re port forwarding etc etc
I have played my old favourites Heretic and Hexen. So pleased with how they work.

When i use the ~ key and save the game, the file is saved to the Windows machine but it fails on the MacBook

This happens when either computer is the host.

I have change the directories on the MacBook so they are read/write. I have change the properties of GZDoom so its read/write.

The odd part is that if i play a standalone game and use the menu to save or load a game - it works. The saved file is in the /documents/gzdoom/savegames folder
So i am assuming i have put the correct path for saved games in the gzdoom.ini file

But when in network play, when either computer initiates the save, the windows computers save the gamefile but it fails on the Mac

I have searched the forums and the internet for hours without finding a solution - so any wise advice would be appreciated

I am playing these old games with my grandson and being able to save the network game would be great. Knowing Apple - there will be some obscure and simple step i have missed.....

Thanks everyone
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Re: Problem with saving a game in network game

Post by _mental_ »

Define "it fails on the Mac". Is there an error message? Does it create a saved game file? Is it corrupted?
Also, what's the version of GZDoom you are using on Mac?

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