Weird system lockup after GZDoom exit

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Weird system lockup after GZDoom exit

Postby electrodragon554 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 3:58 pm

Hey everyone, I've ran into a odd problem/issue:
After a lengthy GZDoom session, upon exiting the engine; my system locks up in a weird way: nothing seems frozen; but I cannot interact with the UI (Windows Explorer, the desktop, etc). The only way to exit out of this problem is to reboot the computer. While I'm an IT person, this issue causes me to scratch my head.
I'm attaching the system information of both my AMD & Intel-based systems.

I'm trying to understand if:
1. I encountered a bug with the engine
2. there's a problem with one of my mods

GZDoom version: g4.5.0
Mods are:
M8f's Autoautosave
Corruption Cards 1.9
Legendoom 2.8
Legendoom Rifles 1.0
10.5x v0.9
WarTrophies 1.9
with "The Ultimate Doom II" as the mapset.
I'm launching GZDoom via Youda008's DoomRunner.

Any idea as to why this might happen?
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