GZDoom Keyboard Issues

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GZDoom Keyboard Issues

Postby lfine » Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:38 pm

Don't know the best place to ask. I'm a old-school doom addict just upgraded my computer. Had a logitech ps/2 keyboard, new computer does not have a ps/2 port, bought a new usb keyboard. Playing GZDoom I can no longer hold the keys alt+left arrow+up arrow together anymore, the game does not run forward while strafing to the left, I either only run forward, or only strafe left depending on which arrow was first pressed. The other combinations work as expected, alt+left+down, alt+down+right, alt+right+up, even left+up without alt works. But the combination of alt+left+up doesn't.

I imagine this is a common issue? What options are there? I like playing Doom with the keyboard, and want to continue doing so. I tried a ps/2 to usb adapter for using the old keyboard, but it is wholly unsuitable for gaming.
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Re: GZDoom Keyboard Issues

Postby phantombeta » Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:46 pm

That sounds like it's just the keyboard itself. It's pretty standard in "normal" keyboards - it's related to how the keyboard keys are wired internally. You generally need a keyboard with what's called N-key rollover (NKRO) for that.
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